Live Online Seminar – Advanced Gear Modification Design

Live Online Seminar – Advanced Gear Modification Design
Robust Modifications – Macrogeometry – Manufacturing – Dynamics


Increasing demands for comfort in automotive applications as well as legal requirements for stationary systems are drivers for constant reduction of noise in gearbox development. Maximum efficiency and power density are also common goals. Suitable gear modification design is becoming increasingly important to achieve efficiency along with low noise excitation and high load carrying capacity.

Target Audience

This seminar is intended for design engineers who are already familiar with gear modification design and would like to deepen their knowledge.


This seminar will provide in-depth information on the following aspects of cylindrical gear modifications:

  • The influence of gear macro-geometry (including size) on modification design using practical examples
  • Production of gear modifications:
    • Drafting
    • Grinding
    • The influence of production-related waviness
    • Designing robust modifications
  • Strategies for modular gearboxes
  • Consideration of speed-dependent resonances in modification design
  • The influence of gear modifications on efficiency
  • Calculation of the local load carrying capacity


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Bihr
Ulm University of Applied Sciences