Llanelli car parts company Schaeffler UK wins coveted national award


A CAR parts company in Llanelli has been honoured with the prestigious Wales Quality Award.

Schaeffler UK, which employs 250 people, scored higher than many other companies in an in-depth assessment of quality to win the coveted award.


The plant is responsible for making high-precision engine components for the car industry.

Judges were impressed with the way it has continued to improve standards despite already achieving some of the most demanding quality criteria in the world.

Lawrence Hallett of the Wales Quality Centre said: “The company has clearly developed high-performing processes, and management’s consistency of purpose over the past decade has taken the enterprise from one of declining fortunes with an uncertain future to one which is a lead site essential to the success of Schaeffler’s automotive division.

“They are really first class at their processes, always looking to improve in an incredibly competitive environment and pursuing that improvement with incredible vigour. They have overcome the pressure from the lower-cost economies in the Far East and kept pushing forward.”


source: South Wales

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