LUBExpert ON-GUARD – Smart Ultrasound Condition-Based Lubrication


Interested in reducing the 80% of bearing failures caused by inadequate lubrication?

Well, for nearly four decades, SDT Ultrasound Solutions has been on a journey of innovation, culminating in our latest breakthrough, the LUBExpert ON-GUARD.

This bearing lubrication system uses ultrasound technology to detect friction-related failures. The CONMONSense sensors transmit this data to the LUBExpert ON-GUARD, which, powered by our advanced LUBrain algorithm, calculates the precise amount of grease needed.

The automatic lubricator injects the optimum amount of grease at the right time, ensuring your bearings run at peak performance. Meanwhile, stay in control with our user-friendly web interface, allowing operators to monitor and strategize based on real-time data.

Level up your machinery’s performance with SDT Ultrasound Solutions, where innovation meets precision!

SDT Ultrasound Solutions


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