Mechanicus Launched – Innovative Online Calculation Tool for Machine Elements and Standard Calculations


FVA GmbH has released mechanicus, an intuitive online calculation tool for machine elements and standard calculations. The new web application is available for free now at and marks a significant milestone in the world of drive technology. It offers engineers, technicians, designers, and students innovative tools to effortlessly perform complex calculations and optimize their processes – from anywhere, with any internet-capable device. With this first version, users can already perform reliable cylindrical gear, notch, and interference fit calculations, as well as dimensioning of rolling bearings and feather keys. New features are continuously being added.

“With mechanicus, we want to simplify FVA calculations with an intuitive online tool. Users benefit from proven algorithms and get direct access to the latest research findings that are continuously integrated into the platform“ stated Dr.-Ing. Ralf Wuthenow, Head of Modeling and Simulation at FVA GmbH.

Cutting-edge research meets German engineering

From the design of gearbox elements to standard calculations – mechanicus covers a wide range of applications and offers users a comprehensive solution for their engineering needs. With a growing range of powerful calculation features, the platform helps users to optimize their designs and develop innovative solutions.

Innovative technology: The platform provides user-friendly access to advanced state-of-the-art calculations. From the design of cylindrical gears to shaft load capacity analysis, mechanicus provides a comprehensive solution for drive technology challenges.

Cutting-edge research: As an FVA partner (Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e. V., the Drive Technology Research Association), mechanicus brings the bundled expertise of the FVA expert network directly to the user’s desk. With the continuous integration of the latest research findings and projects, users can always take advantage of the latest drive technology knowledge and developments.

Simplicity and efficiency: The web application uses the infrastructure of the renowned FVA-Workbench gearbox design software and offers a user-friendly interface for modeling and calculating machine elements. Users can even perform calculations on the go or with customers, which increases flexibility and mobility without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy. Default values and a variety of input options make the design of machine elements an intuitive and efficient process.

Tailored solutions: mechanicus makes it possible to provide customized local or intranet solutions for corporate customers with minimal effort. This allows companies to perform calculations and simulations that are precisely tailored to their individual requirements and operational processes.


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