Miba Industrial Bearings Houston celebrates its 30 year anniversary with a babbitt room expansion


Miba Industrial bearings US (Houston) has a long history when it comes to servicing the end user market for the repair and replacement of industrial bearings and labyrinth seals.

The site in Houston, Texas looks back on 30 years of history. In 1991 TCE (Turbo Components and Engineering) was founded and quickly became one of the leading service providers for hydrodynamic bearings in the US by offering Engineering expertise and high quality. 20 years later the company was bought by John Crane and its name changed to John Crane Engineered Bearings. In 2018 the company was acquired by Miba Group and together with 3 other sites, Miba Industrial Bearings were established. In the last three years Miba Houston has undergone some exciting changes: ISO Certification and a new state-of-the art babbitt facility to name a few. With Phase 1 of the babbitt room expansion in Houston complete and Phase 2 planned for January 2022, there is reason to celebrate, not only Miba Houston’s history but also the future.

The site manager Cheryl Armitage expressed this sentiment: “We have always been customer focused and in the future we will continue to expand and explore ways to better serve our customers’ needs. We have tried our best to continue to service our customers even in trying times.  Covid 19 has changed the way all of us do business.  At Miba Houston, we instituted remote work for those who could and a safer environment for the essential workers who could not work from home. Because of the strength of our team and our commitment to our customers, we never really missed a beat.  We were able to support many of the plants affected by the recent storms in the gulf coast area. We were there to facilitate the fast repair and/or replacement of bearings and seals for their critical rotating equipment and help get them back up and running quickly. Our future looks bright and I am proud to be part of a great team.”

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