Mineral Circles Bearings Introduces Integrated Customer and Sales Support, Streamlines Customer Experience


Mineral Circles Bearings has officially introduced its customer support channel with the aim to streamline its customer’s journey with the simplified customer experience and with a broader range of language support available. This solution aims to provide best-in-class monitored and real-time transactions to further service its growing client footprint with utmost dedication, accuracy, and accountability.

This initiative was inspired by years of experiential learning brought by the sudden shift in customer behaviors as different channels and mediums such as WhatsApp is becoming more lucrative and accessible by the consumers. With the ever-changing digital transformation, most businesses have invested to tap into these channels in hopes of generating more leads and new revenue opportunities.

WhatsApp continues to lead the Messaging technology race as it offers much more convenient and secure transactions on both B2B and B2C level. With more than 1.5 Billion users worldwide and with adoption the acceleration rate of more than 77% in the MEA region itself, businesses could be losing potential opportunities by ignoring the avenues that offer much more streamlined, effective, and affordable customer service and sales solutions.

MEA region opts for a simplified customer journey

Countries within the MEA region are at the forefront in adopting the endless possibilities WhatsApp has to offer. Just in the UAE, 7.77 million of its population are on board in the highly-touted Messaging platform, which makes up 79% of the whole country’s entire population. For a UAE-based technical service company in the aftermarket industry, investing in a blooming technology could fortify a base that could support a huge demand when the right time comes.

As one, if not the very first, of the very few companies in the Aftermarket industry to automate its customer journey by leveraging its strongest customer touchpoints, Mineral Circles Bearings has to offer swift and effective solutions that are just right at the fingertips of its potential consumers.

To simplify the “e-mail dramas” and “underwhelming formal conversations,” MCB has deployed a friendly bot in its WhatsApp official account that supplies answers “on the spot” without needing to wait for more than 3 seconds! Just to name the few, customers can be able to:

  1. Request for a location mapthrough WhatsApp to help visiting customers navigate their way to our Headquarters or Showroom.
  2. Get the latest updates about MCB’s job openings and a Careersoverview of the company.
  3. Skim through a wide range of available, multi-lingual catalogs from leading Aftermarket manufacturers such as NTN, MCB, SNR, SKF, SEDIS, and DAYCO.
  4. In need of urgent Sales support? MCB provides Sales support that supports multiple languages with an average response time of 5-30 minutes. No need to wait for days for a reply that you can get right away!
  5. Weekend woes? Different timezone? There’s a solution for that! Customers can request a callbackthrough WhatsApp with their preferred date, time, and even a language they’re most comfortable with! Once the customer’s data have been successfully registered, the MCB bot will notify the designated Sales team member to initiate a callback as per the customer’s request.

On top of WhatsApp, MCB has also launched its very own Telegram support bot (@MCB_supportbot) to support Telegram users for their inquiries, a Telegram Newsfeed Channel to deliver real-time, industry-related updates, and Facebook Messenger to ensure that it can reach a wider audience reach.

At this point where mobile connectivity is much more prevalent, would you still invest time and too much formality for a Sales inquiry that you can easily send over a simple click? As consumers are making a total switch, it’s now up to businesses if they are willing to adopt or still resist what the evolving market starts to insist.

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