Napoleon Engineering Services Offers an Array of Bearing Modification Capabilities!


Lead times for custom-made bearings have increased significantly.

Product availability, in many cases, is scarce. The window in which to complete a project could be tight; one might simply not be able to wait 52 weeks for bearings from a typical manufacturer.

The potential answer to each of these problems?

Napoleon Engineering Services’ (NES) bearing modification abilities.

The modification of standard bearings is a valid, and occasionally overlooked, product solution. Oftentimes, the answer is as simple as taking stock product and altering it into something slightly different or even better. NES, located in Olean, New York, has long prided itself on performing this kind of work to an unparalleled degree.

NES offers an array of such services. These include precision modifications such as duplex grinding, ceramic hybrids, radial clearance changes, special cages and inner- and outer-ring production. They also encompass simple modifications like snap groove rings, bearing relubrication services, seal/shield replacements and special marking.

What makes NES different? It is much more than just your local machine shop on the corner. Yes, NES can perform those machining requirements, but it also boasts exceptional application engineering knowledge and bearing design/manufacturing standards that have been meticulously developed over 27 years in the industry.

Modification work is a valuable route that saves on both manufacturing costs and time.

“What NES is able to do for someone is create a bearing solution to solve a problem,” NES president Chris Napoleon said. “We’re offering all these a la carte items that can be included and doing it in a short lead time (typically within 2-8 weeks).

“We’re going to order off our menu of abilities and services to create that solution.”

NES, through its bearing modification abilities, can help create not just short-term fixes, but also long-term solutions. Indeed, it performs modification work that’s specifically designed for production environments.

Say, for example, that a customer purchases bearings through a distributor, which then sends them to NES. Napoleon Engineering will up-certify those bearings, inspecting to higher ABEC tolerance levels than originally certified. The bearings that meet the higher quality standards will then go for off-set grinding, where a specific pre-load is entered.

“(That customer) isn’t having the plant do that, and that plant isn’t going to do that,” Napoleon noted. “We perform the inspection and the modification, both of which are critical characteristics of this service.”

Can bearing modification be the solution to your application issues?

If so, NES is your trusted source.

Don’t overlook this option – sometimes the answer can be as simple as a minor adjustment.

“Let the high-volume plant make that standard product day in and day out,” Napoleon said, “and we’ll take it from there.”

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