New OAV Tapered Air Bearing


“Supplying top-quality products requires excellent engineering, clever design, and outstanding manufacturing technology.”

The tapered bearing is one of the most commonly used form of roller air bearing in the industry. The OAV Tapered Air Bearing consists of two main components: the inner assembly, and the outer-cage. They are typically mounted in opposing pairs on a shaft. Air supply is sent through the shaft with a cross-hole or inlet from the outer-cage. The OAV Tapered Roller Air Bearing has standard sizes available up to a 75mm ID outer-cage spin or inner-race spin with options.

A breakthrough innovation from OAV Air Bearings. An ultra precise, hard-installable replacement for conventional bearings. The result: no friction and contact, no maintenance, no heat generation at high speeds, and an indefinite operating life with higher stiffness and excellent geometric performance.

The OAV Air Bearings surface design equally distributes air and pre-loads it over the entire surface area, resulting in levels of outstanding stiffness and maximized performance.

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