New Online Rotary Motion Configurator Streamlines Bearing Selection


Specifying the right rotary motion components can sometimes be difficult and time consuming. That’s why we created a new Bearing Configurator Tool to help you streamline your selection process.

The tool guides you through filter criteria such as bearing type, structure, material, load ratings and sizing information including dimensions, bore size, and inner and outer diameters. Based on your choices, the tool will generate a list of IKO parts that meet your criteria along with links to each part’s technical details. Drop-down menus allow you to configure your selected part to your specifications and preview the resulting bearing. You’ll receive a free CAD model or datasheet in your preferred format to help you design your application. Once you have configured and previewed your ideal bearing, you can submit a quick RFQ or request additional information from our technical support team.

With our Bearing Configurator Tool, you’ll determine the best-performing rotary bearing for your application without the time and complexity that product selection typically entails. Your ideal IKO rotary bearing is just a few clicks away.

Click here to get your rotary bearing product search started — and finished — in minutes!

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