Nexen Announces a New Line of High Torque and Moment Load Capacity Rotary Indexers


Nexen Group, Inc., announces its X-Line of rotary indexers that deliver up to three times more torque and greater moment load capacity in a compact package.

                                            Different models of the new X-Line rotary indexers from Nexen

Nexen Group’s new X-Line has a redesigned roller pinion and a larger gear pitch to handle higher torque capacities that deliver accuracy, fast acceleration, high-speed positioning, increased load capacity, and true repeatability. The mounting features and the additional fastening points of the rigid cast housing in the X-Line are designed for a greater moment load capacity than a standard design. Additionally, systems can be designed for either low or zero backlash to meet the project specification.

“We have designed the new X-Line rotary indexers from our customer requests to have a system that delivers higher torque and more load capacity,” said Dave Hein, Vice President of Engineering. “Utilizing Nexen’s patented technologies, we were able to create systems that deliver a solution for the most demanding applications that require precise positioning and higher peak torque inputs, allowing for faster indexing times.”

More information and sizing of Nexen Group’s X-Line of rotary indexers and standard line of rotary indexers are available here.

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