NSK’s offering to the Food & Beverage industry


The food and beverage industry can be challenging when it comes to component selection. From extreme temperatures to high levels of contamination, machinery needs to compete against the toughest conditions.

NSK has a range of products which are especially suited to this industry, facing up to the harsh challenges that food & beverage applications face.

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Cleaning regimes

The frequent cleaning regimes in the food and beverage industry which include high-pressured washdowns put pressure on even the strongest sealing solutions, allowing water to ingress into bearings. This washes away lubricant, which can lead to the premature failure of bearings.

NSK Silver-Lube® bearing units are corrosion resistant, making these units ideal for use in industries where frequent washdowns are required. Where outstanding lubrication is also required, NSK Life-Lube® combines the superb corrosion resistance of Silver-Lube bearing units with the exceptional lubricating properties of Molded Oil.

Extreme temperatures

Extreme high and low temperatures are the norm in the food and beverage industry. From ovens to freezers, the conditions can be harsh. These extremes in temperature can put excessive strain on bearings, often degrading the lubricant and reducing performance.

A nickel coating can be applied to a wide variety of NSK bearings which allows the bearing the operate in temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, without risking damage. This coating also provides excellent chemical resistance – ideal for areas subjected to frequent washdowns or acidic ingredients.

Self-Lube® HLT inserts are also available for use in temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius up to 180 degrees Celsius. These inserts deliver superior sealing capabilities in the most extreme temperature environments. They also help to reduce maintenance requirements in the application, keeping downtime to a minimum.


In the food and beverage industry, machinery is often subjected to contaminated conditions, for example dirt, flour or contaminated water. Strict legislation means that companies are under demand to maintain the highest levels of hygiene in their production plants. Contamination can also cause issues if it enters a bearing, with 14% of premature bearing failures attributed to contamination.

NSK’s Molded Oil bearings are grease-free, offering high performance in applications which are contaminated by water or small particles. These bearings can offer more than twice the operating life of bearings lubricated with grease when used in water or dust contaminated environments.

NSK also offers a Triple Lip sealing solution, for use in the most contaminated environments. This sealing arrangement offers enhanced bearing life, along with extended relubrication intervals, reducing maintenance requirements and helping to prevent premature bearing failure.

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, there can be no compromises. From strict hygiene regulations to challenging environmental targets: the struggle is real. Luckily, NSK’s vast range of food and beverage products stand up to the challenges of this fast-moving industry.

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