OAV Air Bearings announce Motion Drives & Controls Ltd. as Distributor of the United Kingdom


OAV Air Bearings – the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced frictionless air bearing technology – is pleased to announce the addition of Motion Drives and Controls as Distributor of UK and Ireland.

Motion Drives & Controls Ltd. was founded in 1992 and based out of Warwick, UK. Motion Drives & Controls Ltd. is a leading distributor and system integrator of web processing/transportation systems, mechanical power transmission components, and safety-related products. They specialize in designing, manufacturing, and integrating roll-to-roll web processing machines, whilst their in-house engineering expertise lies in electrical, mechanical, and control engineering. They operate in a range of sectors, including printing, converting, plastic & packaging, composite manufacturing, and metal processing. With the addition of the OAV Air Bearing product line, Motion Drives & Controls Ltd. can now extend their capabilities to fit their customers with the ultimate precision, frictionless motion, and no maintenance.

OAV was originally founded to produce machine components in 1964. Subsequently, OAV secured its position within the precision bearing industries and other high-sensitive applications. OAV soon developed the Thrust Air Bearing and OAV Roller Air Bearing. In 2013, OAV entered the precision bearing market, including over 1000s+ frictionless bearing products and components to serve their customers better. OAV is currently the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced air bearing technology and motion systems. OAV’s experience with aerospace, military specs, materials, and top engineers makes their product unmatchable. Today, OAV exports to over 100 different countries around the world.

Advantages of OAV Air Bearings Over Contact Bearings

  • No Friction
  • Indefinite Operating Life
  • No Maintenance is Required
  • No Heat Generation up to 140,000 RPM
  • High Accuracy
  • High Speeds
  • Clean Air
  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Easy Installation
  • Can Often Replace Conventional Bearings
  • High Stiffness
  • More Resistant to Shock Loads
  • Operates Over a Wide Range of Temperatures
  • No Noise
  • Resistance to Dirt
  • Self-lubricating Material
  • Corrosion Resistant

Learn more about OAV Air Bearings:
HQ 103 Carnegie Center
Princeton, NJ USA 08543
Tel: +1 (609)454-5340
Email: [email protected]

Learn more about Motion Drives & Controls Ltd.
Unit 1 Budbrooke Point,
Budbrooke Road Industrial Estate,
Warwick, CV34 5XH
Tel: +44 1926 411544
Email: [email protected]


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