Overview of bearing industry investments and partnerships


Company acquisitions, joint ventures, business and technology partnerships are all ways to grow the company in terms of size and know-how and to introduce new geographic markets and/or product types. M&A deals with Mergers (Mergers) and Acquisitions (Acquisitions) of companies.

ICT Advisory Division assists clients of bearings, bearing components and ball screws industries in the design and execution of these extraordinary finance transactions aimed at fostering the growth or enhancement of the company, offering the support of a specialized team with many years of experience. Here below a short description of main currently open projects is reported.

  • Bearings Distributors specialized in serving heavy industries (Large Chinese Bearings company looks for acquisitions in USA and Europe)

Our client is a very large Chinese company manufacturing roller bearings and components. Within a structured plan of further expanding its presence on export markets, the company has instructed ICT M&A team to identify at least two distributors in USA and in Europe to be acquired to support its continuous sales growth.

Ideal target distributors are strong in serving cylindrical, taper and spherical roller bearings to heavy industries like steel mills, mining, paper mills and oil & gas industries. Excellent marketing and sales capabilities are a must, while the current yearly sales should be ideally above 10 million Euro/US$ per each distributor (Ref. number 23WO_UE).

  • Bearings Distributors specialized in ball bearings market (Group of 5 manufacturers looks for acquisitions/partnership in Europe)

Our client is a Trust consisting in 5 bearings Chinese companies specialized in producing mainly deep groove ball bearings, from miniature to large ones, with an aggregated yearly turnover of about 80 million Euro and proven track of solid results. The client is interested to acquire even a minority share of one distributor in Europe that is specialized in serving ball bearings applications and that is interested to reinforce its products portfolio with high quality and competitive bearings covering the whole range.

The ideal target distributor is located in any of the industrialized countries in Europe, has a strong sales and application engineers’ team and is mainly serving OEM customers. The current yearly sales of distributor should be minimum of 4 million Euro. The investors are available to consider option of partnerships based also on exchange of shares with their manufacturing companies in China (Ref. number 23SS_MT).

  • Planetary Roller Screws Manufacturers (Bearings Multinational company interested in acquisition or joint-venture)

Our client is a very large bearings company interested to expand its manufacturing products portfolio. Within a structured plan of reinforcement of its linear bearings division, the client aims to acquire totality or majority of shares of a reliable manufacturer of planetary rollers screws.

Ideal target company has strong competences in both design and production of linear bearings, with yearly turnover between 5 and 50 million Euro. Located in Europe or in America or in Asia, the target company has ambition to enter a larger organization with global presence and well recognized brand (Ref. number 23UO_PRS).

  • Bearings and Ball Screws Manufacturing Companies (Investors are looking for acquisition and/or joint ventures)

On behalf of 4 different large clients, the M&A advisory team of ICT is interested to get in touch with manufacturing companies of bearings and ball screws industries who are interested to consider to sell 100% of shares or to enter in joint venture with aim to boost company growth in the medium-long term. Interest is for companies located in Europe, Northern and Southern America and in India and producing one or more of following products:

  • Ball and roller bearings (with special interest for niche products of automotive, railways and industrial sectors);
  • Ball screws;
  • Bearing components (balls, rollers, cages)

(Ref. number 23FN_COS)

Please get in touch with ICT M&A team for any of the above projects of interest. ICT guarantees maximum discretion in managing expressions of interest. Interested companies are requested to write directly to m&[email protected] (mentioning in the subject of e-mail the reference number of the project) or to call at +39 (0)121 376811 to plan a dedicated meeting or video-call.


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