Premium Quality in NBI Cylindrical Roller Bearings


NBI bearings continues with its line of evolution and improvement to meet the market needs. To that end, NBI develops premium quality Cylindrical Roller Bearings (CRB) Enhanced + for different applications and industrial solutions.

NBI maintains the same manufacturing parameters of its well-known ENHANCED+ line of cylindrical roller bearings (CRB). The main benefits of the CRB NBI Enhanced+ bearings continue to be based on the usage of premium steel and optimized heat treatment. This line shows great advantages, such as improved dynamic load capacity. In consequence, the working life of the CRB increases and the friction and operating temperature are reduced. Those improvements make downsizing possible and, therefore, an overall cost reduction.

The inner design has been improved to increase strength, maximize capacity, and optimize rolling profiles. This makes it possible to minimize wear and to improve performance at high loads. In addition to that, the manufacturing of internal tolerances is tighter and provides better surface finishes.

The CRBs of NBI are high precision and much more efficient. They are capable of supporting high radial loads and with great resistance to rapid accelerations and at high speeds, thanks to the linear contact between rollers and raceways.

CRBs are available in multiple designs, series, varieties, and sizes where the main differences are the number of roller rows and inner/outer ring shoulders, as well as cage designs and materials (polyamide, steel, one-piece brass ….).

Types of CRB developed by NBI

There are several types of NBI CRB Enhanced+ specially designed and developed according to its usage and application

+ Single-row radial cylindrical roller bearings with cage, all range of non-locating, semi-locating and locating configurations.

+ Double-row, high precision cylindrical roller bearings with cage. They are used as non- locating bearings for machine-tools spindle support.

+ Full complement cylindrical roller bearings, designed cage-free to accommodate the maximum possible number of rollers to maximize dynamic load capabilities.

+ Sealed and pre-greased, double-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings with a two-piece inner ring with three integral flanges held together by a retaining ring, in order to facilitate handling and assembly. This is a bearing especially intended for sheaves’ support, with proved performance in the field.

+ Four-row and six-row cylindrical roller bearings, with machined brass or pin-type cages. These are used in heavily loaded applications, as in steel rolling mills and roller presses for cement and minerals processing

+ Thrust cylindrical roller bearings. These are separable thrust bearings that operate in one direction only and have much higher load carrying capacity characteristics compared to axial ball bearings.

NBI offers tailor-made solutions to our customers to suit their specific application requirements. NBI has the capability to make advanced computer simulations and analysis, design and manufacture high quality, cost effective and reliable bearing products for optimal machine performance.

NBI Enhanced+ CRB solutions for use in segments and applications with specific requirements

Enhanced+ CRB are designed to perform in today’s increasingly demanding industrial environment. NBI’s standard and customized range provides the highest level of performance and reliability to meet the specific needs of our customers. The Enhanced+ CRB have an improved design that offers customized solutions for segments and applications such as gearboxes, power transmissions, construction equipment, lifting industry, rail industry, spindle machine tools, among others.

NBI’s standard and custom range provides the highest level of performance and reliability to meet the specific needs of our customers.In addition to that, the optimized cages, are made of steel, brass, or polyamide, depending on their properties (mechanical strength, elasticity, high temperature resistance, speed…) and the different heat treatments applied in NBI laboratories, increase the performance of the NBI Enhanced+ CRB line.

The design and development carried out by the design and application engineering departments allows the production of CRB using the most advanced European technology and first quality raw materials.

The CRB line is available from 8mm ø inner ring to 1,600mm ø outer ring in our plants in Spain, India, and China, fulfilling the highest quality standards.

In short, Enhanced+ CRB are premium quality cylindrical roller bearings with the ability to adapt and evolve with the market.

Sheave bearings for dredging and under-water operations

With proved efficiency in offshore applications, NBI’s proprietary CE05 coating is an extremely thin anti-corrosion coating consisting of an electroplated coating and a chromate passivation that ensures long term protection of bearing metallic surfaces against corrosion.

NBI CRB Enhanced+ advantages:

+ Significant increase in operating life compared to uncoated bearings

+ Long-term prevention against rust penetration under the seals

+ Normally supplied with special water and oxidation-resistant grease and seals for extreme environments

+ Fully interchangeable with standard bearings with same boundary dimesions

NBI CRB for planetary gearbox

NBI cylindrical roller bearing Enhanced+ ensure high capacity and long life, operational reliability, minimum maintenace, cost and space saving. CRBs are ease of assembly, less invetory, reduccion of stress between pin and carrier and ability to operate under extreme enviromental conditions.

And also due to NBI designs our customers obtain other benefits:

+ Improved wear and contamination resistance
+ Improved bearings service life, thus
+ improving equipment reliability
+ Reduces unplanned dowtime,
+ preventing production loss
+ Lower operating temperature at higher speed
+ No requeriment of frecuent maintenace

NBI CRB for sheave support

NBI double-row, full complement CRB Enhanced+ with maximum load carrying capacity, included providing outstanding operational reliability and superior performance for cable sheave applications due to:

+ High steel cleanliness and refined microstructure promoting enhanced fatigue life and ability to operate under extreme conditions

+ Optimized internal geometry profiling the contact surfaces (rollers and/or raceways), reducing the internal stress due to misalignment or high load operation

+ Contacting seals, made of engineered polymers, providing efficient protection against dust, contamination and splashed water.

+ Two retaining ring grooves in outer rin

+ Anti-corrosion coating available upon request

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