Ready to lift off to the world of maintenance with simalube – the next level of automatic lubrication


The simalube IMPULSE connect is the latest generation of the pressure booster from the simalube family. The proven functions of the IMPULSE have been supplemented with the option of connecting the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth®. In connection with the newly developed «simatec world of maintenance» app, the devices can be easily configured and then monitored without having to be directly at the lubrication point. Information such as general status, fill level, lubricant, size, start and change date etc. is displayed to the user and easy to read in the app. It also enables the customer to manage the lubrication points digitally.

Every industry has lubrication points with requirements that can be optimally solved by using the new simalube IMPULSE connect. The initial installation as well as the subsequent monitoring can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the support provided by the «simatec world of maintenance» app.

Together with the proven functions of the simalube automatic lubricant dispenser and the pressure booster IMPULSE connect, lubrication points are supplied with the required amount of lubricant with the greatest reliability, while at the same time reducing costs.

Compelling customer benefits

Faster, easier and safer inspection rounds can save costs in the long run. The dispenser’s status and error displays can be read directly in the app, and the lubrication points can also be managed in Lubechart via the app. Animated installation and operating instructions assist with a correct installation. Continuous lubrication ensures less wear on the components, which also leads to cost savings. Production downtimes for maintenance and monitoring purposes are eliminated, resulting in higher availability of the production equipment.

Together with the simalube lubricant dispensers in sizes 60, 125 or 250 ml, the simalube IMPULSE connect ensures reliable lubrication at high counter-pressures and in lubrication lines up to four meters long. Regular lubrication triggers supply the lubrication point with 0.5 ml of oil or grease up to NLGI 2 at a pressure of up to 10 bar. This is gentle on the lubricant, as only the dosing quantity is under pressure. The operating status can be easily monitored with the «simatec world of maintenance» app. The intelligent pressure booster also provides continuous information about the current operating status.

Simple installation and operation

As soon as the battery pack is inserted and the lubricant dispenser screwed in, the simalube IMPULSE connect is operational. The IMPULSE connect is connected to the «simatec world of maintenance» app via Bluetooth. The runtime, the size of the lubricant dispenser and the lubricant can then be selected and saved in the app. The system then works with the settings selected by the customer. When the lubricant dispenser is changed, the simalube IMPULSE connect remains permanently installed on the lubrication point. Only a new battery pack needs to be inserted before a new simalube lubricant dispenser is screwed on. This way, the connection point remains sealed even when the dispenser is changed and no lubricant runs back. The settings saved in the app remain the same, but can be changed if necessary. The new start date is set automatically after the new battery pack is inserted.

Versatile and – thanks to reusability – very cost-efficient

The compact design of the simalube IMPULSE connect allows installations in confined spaces and in all positions; even under water. As an IP68 protection class device, the pressure booster is dustproof, waterproof and suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Equipped with a new battery pack at each refilling, the simalube IMPULSE connect can be used for ten dispensing cycles of simalube 125 ml or for up to three years.

«simatec world of maintenance» app

With the «simatec world of maintenance» app, simatec ag has created a platform for easier and more efficient management of lubrication work. The app offers the user the possibility to record lubrication points, to set the necessary parameters for the lubrication and to control or monitor all activities around the lubrication. The simalube IMPULSE connect equipped with Bluetooth® can be configured directly via the app, the current operating status can be viewed from a distance of up to 20 m via the app.

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