Redefining Straightening Operations with WIB’s Innovative Solutions


Metalworking has seen tremendous growth over the centuries, evolving from a crude craft into a sophisticated science. Integral to this transformation are precision tools, such as wire-guide bearings and straightening rollers. As a Swiss manufacturer of high precision bearing solutions, WIB has established a strong foothold in this complex process.

The Role of Straightener Assemblies

Straightening of cables, strips, and wires is performed in successive stages. Firstly, the initial straightening rollers restore the wound material to its original straight form. Secondly, the centrally-located rollers eliminate any lingering stresses in the steel. Thirdly, final rollers administer additional straightening and destressing. This multi-step process often uses 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 rollers arranged on two planes.

Precision and Quality: The WIB Commitment

The quality of the final product and the service life of the rollers depend significantly on the manufacturing precision of the roller itself. This particularly involves the ground “V” groove on the outer ring. At WIB, we produce straightening bearings with a precise approach, focusing on accurate machining and positioning. We make sure that all machining operations are done before the assembly, thus guaranteeing a better resistance of the unit. This method separates us from manufacturers who machine the outer wire guide groove post-assembly.

Applications of Precision Bearings

WIB has made a name for itself among specialized companies, particularly those producing and using steel cables for the tire industry. Additionally, our precision straightening rollers find use in machine tools for fiberglass cables, machines for spring manufacturing, metal wires, and fine and high precision wire drawing. Our solutions offer exclusive designs to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), showcasing our versatility and commitment to innovation.

A New Era of Bearing Technology

In the spirit of continuous improvement, WIB has recently introduced an innovative approach set to revolutionize cable guidance and straightening applications. Our latest breakthrough addresses premature wear in our previous wire-guide bearings. The solution emerged as two formative innovations. We reconfigured the groove shape from a traditional V profile to an open U profile, substantially reducing wear rates over time. Then, we introduced a new steel variant, harder and more wear-resistant.

Results that Speak

These changes led to a drastic increase in the service life of our bearings. Under predefined conditions, our new product shows a wear rate of only 0.06 microns per hour, in contrast to 0.69 microns with the previous version. Consequently, the lifespan rose to an impressive 93 days, from only 6 days previously. In other words, the new solution offers a life span over 15 times longer than the previous one!

This latest innovation continues to showcase our commitment to precision, durability, and exceptional performance, underscoring WIB’s status as a specialist in high precision bearing solutions.

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