Reimagine Bearing Lubrication with IIoT and Ultrasound


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Friction is inherent in all bearings, but when this friction starts to change, it can tell us a lot about the lubrication needs and health of that bearing.  When friction monitoring with ultrasound gets combined with the convenience of a single point lubricator all tied unto a real-time data collection of an IIoT system, we can uncover the obvious signs of a bearing asking for help and more importantly prevent failure from happening in the first place with precision remote condition-based lubrication.

This presentation using real live data will demonstrate how bearing lubrication just got a whole lot easier and smarter. Please feel free to join Blair Fraser’s presentation between 15 – 18 March at the Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event. Apart from that, you can always contact Blair Fraser for your individualized advice.

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