Remarks & Influence Factors for Stiffness of Shaft-Bearing Systems


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You need a Bearing Stiffness? Which one?

If someone asks about a bearing stiffness it is often not clear, what the question is about. Different stiffness values could be defined, which can be quite different. The presentation shows why the answer to this question can lead to different results and it shows influence factors on calculated stiffness values for shaft-bearing systems like fitting, rotation speed, clearance, elastic surroundings.

More insights about this topic will be shared during the presentation “Remarks & Influence Factors for Stiffness of Shaft-Bearing Systems” by Markus Raabe and shall be further discussed with the attendees at the Experts panel after his presentation.

Please feel free to join his presentation between 15 – 18 March at the Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event. Apart from that, you can always contact Markus Raabe from MESYS AG for your individualized advice.

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