RKB’s Expansion Plans and Expectations for the Near Future


In 2024, RKB will continue to adapt to the evolving demands of various industries to better serve our customers. Through strategic plans tailored to specific regions and sectors, we aim to strengthen our position as a premier provider of bearings worldwide.

We will focus on two initiatives in Central and South America. First, to improve our presence and service delivery, we are establishing a new logistics hub in Panama. RKB Sudamericana will facilitate faster and more efficient delivery times. Second, recognizing the diverse needs of customers, we will also introduce products and services, including training rooms, seminars, and other events tailored to the Latin American market. This will enable us to solidify our position as a premium- bearing provider in the region.

In Europe, for the heavy industry sector, RKB Walzlager will intensify its efforts to serve key OEMs in Germany by offering top-quality bearings, comprehensive support services, and meeting the stringent requirements of the applications. To enhance the customer experience and ensure seamless integration of products, we will expand our technical support team. By providing expert advice and assistance, we successfully managed to establish long- term partnerships with OEMs and deliver great value to our clients.

To reinforce our market presence and achieve our expansion goals in the Baltics, we are committed to increasing our investment. This will empower RKB Baltics to expand its capabilities, better serve our customers in the region, and pursue new growth opportunities.

We will expand our activities in the Middle East and North Africa, focusing on Saudi Arabia, where the increasing demand for steel in the construction, mining, and energy sectors will benefit us, given our reputation in the steel sector for our bearings. This move will enable RKB to forge partnerships and capitalize on lucrative business opportunities in the region.

In 2024, we’ll be at numerous exhibitions all over the world, offering you the chance to meet us and join our network.

RKB Bearing Industries

Leveraging decades of experience, RKB possesses the specialized knowledge and skills required to design and produce industrial bearings from 1 mm bore diameter to over 2.000 mm outer diameter. With a global distribution footprint reaching over 70 countries, RKB provides value-driven solutions characterized by impressive operational adaptability, top- tier services, huge stock reserves, quick shipping times, and the hallmark quality expected of a premium-bearing provider.



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