Schaeffler finalizes global certification program for all distribution partners



Schaeffler has assessed and certified its distribution partners worldwide as part of its Distribution Partner Concept. The global network comprises more than 1,000 distribution partners with over 4,000 offices. With this standardized certification, the Distribution Partner Concept ensures an optimum expert advice and supply strategy for end customers by providing support through distribution partners that meets the high standards of Schaeffler.


Every certified distributor receives a plaque to position himself as an “Authorized Distributor Industrial” on the market

The certified distribution partners offer excellent technical expertise and high-quality services and advice for the INA and FAG brands worldwide. The requirements that Schaeffler has specified for an “Authorized Distributor Industrial” are very high. Only those distribution partners who fulfill these high requirements can position themselves as authorized distributors on the market with an official plaque and a certificate. All authorized distributors are listed on the Schaeffler website and can be checked by entering the certificate number.


The certificates bear a clear number in order to prevent them from being counterfeited

Original or counterfeit
The Distribution Partner Concept also means a significant step in the fight against counterfeit products. Authorized sales channels play a very important role in making the sale of counterfeit products more difficult and protecting customers and consumers against damage. With the Distribution Partner Concept, Schaeffler ensures that its end customers always receive original products from certified distributors.

000800CBwbcnt1 provides a list of the certified distributors in each country


The authenticity of every certificate can be checked using the number

Counterfeit certificates for distribution partners have already surfaced on the market. This shows that “Authorized Distributor Industrial” has become a very coveted title. As a safeguard against such cases, Schaeffler has assigned a clear number to the certificates, which can be checked for authenticity on the company’s website. Another function on the website enables users to search for all distribution partners in a country or region. In case of doubt, customers should never solely rely on a certificate, but use the search function to check whether the issuer actually is an authorized distribution partner.


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