Schaeffler Presents Solutions for the Industrial Production of Green Hydrogen


  • 1 MW PEM Electrolysis Stack as highlight
  • Green hydrogen to support the energy transition
  • Establishment of industrial series production in Herzogenaurach
                                  MW-class PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis stack in a test rig.
                                                                           Photo: Schaeffler

Schaeffler presented its innovations for the production of green hydrogen at the Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe trade fair from June 25 to 27, 2024, in Madrid, Spain. The event took place at IFEMA Madrid and brought together experts and decision-makers from the hydrogen industry to discuss the latest trends and technologies. Schaeffler will showcase its new 1 MW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis stack at its booth.

Schaeffler’s PEM stacks, which feature a power rating of up to 1,000 kilowatts, are currently being introduced to the market. They can produce up to 500 kilogrammes of high-purity hydrogen per day.

”We provide key systems and components to make hydrogen technology future-proof. Our PEM electrolysis stacks are crucial sub-systems for sustainable and efficient hydrogen production,” says Florian Windisch, Head of Hydrogen at Schaeffler Bearings & Industrial Solutions.

Schaeffler is committed to a CO2-neutral, sustainable future and also recognises the enormous potential of green hydrogen in this context. The Motion Technology Company considers the entire spectrum of applications – from the industrial production of green hydrogen via electrolysis to the use of hydrogen in fuel cells for both mobile and stationary applications, and even the production of green steel.

                                            PEM electrolysis stack assembly line, Herzogenaurach, Germany.
                                                              Photo: Schaeffler (Daniel Karmann)

System integration for decentralised and centralised hydrogen production

The Schaeffler PEM electrolysis stacks are versatile and suitable for various industrial applications. By arranging the stacks in so-called arrays, Schaeffler can offer to the market flexible and powerful solutions ranging from 50 kW to multi-megawatt scales.

Industrialisation expertise for scaling up the hydrogen economy

“Our long-standing industrialisation expertise helps us turn innovations into efficient series production, thereby contributing to the creation of the conditions and capabilities necessary for scaling up hydrogen technology,” says Florian Windisch. At Schaeffler’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach, the industrial series production of stacks is currently being established.

With its core competencies in precise forming, joining and coating technology, and automated assembly technology by using processes and standards applicable for mass production, Schaeffler focuses on key pre-requisites for hydrogen technology.

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