Schaeffler SES Housings: More Convenience, Less Cost


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Schaeffler SES housings are robust and practical. These models replace the SNV and SNG series. Thanks to a flexible modular system, SES housing sets can be easily assembled as required. Simple. But this series offers more advantages. Read about them in this blog (reading time: 2 minutes).

With the SES housings, Schaeffler introduced a range of bearing housings that are widely applicable and user-friendly. The dimensions of the housings and components fully conform to market standards. A new type numbering system, based on the ISO 113 standard, makes it easier to choose the right model. Parts from various brands can also be easily combined.

“The dimensions of the housings and components are fully in line with market standards.”

Heavy duty conditions

SES housings are up to their tasks. They also provide excellent bearing protection even in extreme conditions including a lot of dust or high operating temperatures. A wide range of accessories is available for a customized solutions. This means that the housings can be used for applications including:

  • Conveyor belts and systems
  • Paper and textile machines
  • Crushers and mills
  • Fans and windmills
SES housings are widely applicable

Comprehensive support

SES housings are suitable for use with the following bearing types:

  • Double-row roller bearings (also spherical roller bearings)
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Self-aligning ball bearings (tapered or cylindrical bore)
  • Deep groove ball bearings

SES housings have various dimensions. Bearings of different diameter and width series can be mounted. They only need to have the correct outer diameter for the housing. Depending on the model, bearings can be placed directly on the shaft or in combination with a clamping bush. This means that different shaft diameters can be combined with a single bearing size. Appropriate seals are available for the space between the shaft and the housing.

SES housings are suitable for use with various bearings

Locating- or non-locating bearing arrangement

The bearing seats of the SES series are machined in a special way. This allows the bearings to move within the housing for a non-locating bearing arrangement. However, locating bearing arrangements are also easy to set up. Placing FRM locating rings on both sides of the outer ring will centre the bearing in the housing. Helpful.

Sets à la carte

A complete ready-to-use set consists of more than just the housing and a matching bearing. Sets can be made up as you wish. High operating temperatures or rotational speeds? Lots of dust and dirt particles? No problem. We have plastic and steel covers, various seal types, clamping bushes and retaining rings. The standard sizes and type numbers mean that combining parts is child’s play.

Let us look at some possible combinations:

Examples of parts and equivalents of various brands

Bearings last longer

One of the main qualities of the SES series is to be seen on the bottom of the housing. The recess in the bottom will ensure optimal load distribution over the bearing. The result is less wear and tear. So, SES housings will extend bearing lives.

The recess in the bottom ensures optimal load distribution

“The recess in the bottom ensures optimal load distribution. This will reduce the wear and tear of the bearing.”

Assembly and maintenance

The dimensions of SES housings are standard dimensions. Old housings can be replaced without any problems. Another good thing: the type numbering is based on the other manufacturers’ system. In addition, SES housings can be aligned quickly and accurately. Clear markings indicate the centre of the bearing and shaft. Grease openings make sure any excess or old lubricant can easily be removed. Also, it is possible to connect a condition monitoring system. To measure is to know! SES housings will keep downtime to a minimum.

Markings for quick and accurate alignment
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