SDT Ultrasound Solutions presents the LUBExpert Implementation Master Class


Are you looking for a way to revolutionize your bearing lubrication practices and maximize equipment reliability? The LUBExpert Implementation Master Class is a comprehensive training program designed to empower your team and enhance your lubrication strategy.

A Master Class Tailored to Your Needs

Every organization is unique, with its specific requirements and challenges. That’s why SDT Ultrasound Solutions offers a training program that can be customized to meet everyone’s exact needs. The LUBExpert Implementation Master Class covers all the essential knowledge you need to implement a world-class bearing lubrication program using the LUBExpert acoustic lubrication solution.

Flexible Delivery Methods

Choose the training delivery method that best suits your team’s preferences and schedule:

  • On-site: Receive in-person training at your facility.
  • Online: Participate in virtual training sessions for remote learning.
  • Hybrid: Combine the benefits of classroom and practical field work to maximize your training experience.

Modules to Suit Every Stakeholder

The modular approach ensures that every team member involved in lubrication gets the right expertise. Whether you’re a reliability engineer, member of the management team, part of the condition monitoring team, a lubrication technician, or a lubrication engineer, there is a module tailored to your needs.

LUBExpert Advocate

The Advocate module is your essential first step in this exciting journey. In just 90 minutes, it provides you with foundational knowledge that encompasses the importance of lubrication, the role of condition-based lubrication, and the significance of a LUBExpert strategy. By successfully completing an optional exam, you’ll earn your LUBExpert Advocate certification, setting the stage for further advancements in your training journey. This module serves as a prerequisite for the Specialist and Strategist modules.

Who should consider taking this course:

  • Reliability Engineers
  • Management
  • Reliability Team
  • Condition Monitoring Team
  • Lubrication Technicians
  • Lubrication Engineers
  • Other key stakeholders in the lubrication process

LUBExpert Specialist

The Specialist module offers a more in-depth exploration of the Ultranalysis® Suite 3 software and its intricate intercorrelation with the LUBExpert device. Spanning 15 hours, this module combines classroom sessions and practical fieldwork, including hands-on experience at the plant floor. By successfully challenging the optional 2-hour exam, you’ll earn your LUBExpert Specialist certificate, solidifying your expertise in this critical area.

Throughout this module, you will gain proficiency in:

  • Understanding lubricants
  • Grasping ultrasound fundamentals
  • Operating UAS3 (theory and practice)
  • Mastering the LUBExpert logic
  • Utilizing the LUBExpert in a practical setting
  • Gaining valuable fieldwork experience
  • Reviewing and interpreting results

Who should consider taking this course:

  • Reliability Team
  • Condition Monitoring Team
  • Lubrication Technicians
  • Lubrication Engineers

LUBExpert Strategist

The Strategist module takes a comprehensive look at the lubrication strategy, implementation tips, and practical training on the Ultranalysis® Suite 3 software. Delivered in a 2.5-hour classroom session, this module equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Gather necessary data for informed decision-making
  • Define intervals, alarms, and tasks
  • Enforce and control discipline in your lubrication program
  • Evaluate the performance of both equipment and lubricants
  • Establish close cooperation with the Condition Monitoring team
  • Overcome common obstacles in lubrication strategy implementation

Who should consider taking this course:

  • Lubrication Engineers

Cultivate the Right Mindset for Success

To achieve true transformation, a change in mindset is paramount. As Heraclitus wisely noted, “Everything changes except change itself.” To lay the foundation for successful implementation, it’s crucial to challenge the status quo and embrace change. Bearing failures rooted in poor lubrication practices are costly and widespread. But if you don’t assign a euro value to the problem, you won’t find a solution. Lubrication is a top strategic priority, but it’s often overlooked as a profession. Together, let’s elevate the lubrication role, training, and culture.

Building a Strong Lubrication Chain

Your lubrication practices are only as strong as your weakest link. The lubrication chain includes management, lubrication engineers/strategists, and lubrication technicians. Each link is equally important, and when any link lacks awareness or involvement, bearing failures occur. A breakdown in communication leads to lubrication collapse. A culture of awareness, ownership, communication, discipline, control, responsibility, and recognition is essential for lubrication excellence.

Questioning the Approach

Why do we lubricate the way we do? It’s time to challenge traditional time-based approaches and assumptions-based methods. Accuracy in lubrication calculations depends on the quality of input data, often based on estimates. Wrong assumptions lead to costly errors. The time has come to shift towards an evidence-based approach in lubrication practices.

A Journey Toward Evidence-Based Lubrication

Let’s embark on a journey to implement a mindset that aligns lubrication practices with the principles of Condition Monitoring. Evidence-based lubrication is the answer, driven by three key questions:

  • Does it need grease?
  • How much grease does it need?
  • Is the bearing better now?

By addressing these questions, we empower lubrication technicians to become the first line of defense, aligning lubrication practices with the evidence-based mindset shared by Condition Monitoring professionals.

A Comprehensive Diagnosis for Success

The LUBExpert Implementation Master Class tackles common issues and provides the solutions needed to transform your lubrication practices. Join us on this journey towards lubrication excellence. Together with SDT, you can change the culture and mindset surrounding lubrication, minimize downtime, and maximize equipment reliability. Don’t let bearing failures cost you more than they should. It’s time to take control and optimize your lubrication strategy with SDT’s LUBExpert Implementation Master Class.

A Word from SDT

This training course is the result of years of work in the field, problem-solving, failures, successes… in short, the collective knowledge of extremely passionate and dedicated people who proudly call themselves the SDT family. The benefit we want to bring you through this training is to gain knowledge and experience without having to make all the mistakes someone else has already made for you. The benefit WE want to bring you through this training is to learn from your success in the near future. And then there’s the pleasure of sharing our passion with you.

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