Second-hand Grinding Machines for Bearings Industry

On behalf of its customers, ICT is interested to get in touch with companies who have available for sale second-hand grinding and lapping machines for bearings rings manufacturing process.

Following types of machines are of interest, for production of DGBB, CRB, TRB and SRB types of bearings:

  • OD centerless grinders;
  • Double face grinders;
  • Track grinders;
  • Bore grinders;
  • IR and OR groove superfinishing machines.

Ideally machines are not older than 15 years, in good status (even if not recently refurbished) and have been manufactured by one of the following companies:

  • Lidkoeping;
  • Meccanica Nova;
  • Tacchella;
  • Oerrepi;
  • Suder;
  • Cincinnati;
  • Fives Giustina;
  • Discus.

We kindly ask who is interested to propose one or more of such machines for sale to get in touch with ICT engineers, calling at +39 (0)121 376811 or writing to [email protected].


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