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The correct mounting and dismounting of bearings and radial shaft seals is impossible without the right special tools. Did you know that 16% of early bearing failures are due to improper removal?

If the necessary tools are missing, unnecessarily high loading forces arise during installation, which is reflected in the short service life of the bearings. In addition, standstill production plants mean loss of profit, which ultimately results in high costs for the company.

Dismount a deep groove ball bearing from a housing with the simatool BP 160

During maintenance work, there is always great time pressure in which every minute or even every second is crucial. For these reasons, choosing the right tool is fundamental!

Under the name simatool, the Swiss manufacturer simatec offers a wide range of proven, high-quality tools, the best prerequisites for quick, safe and professional work.

For this reason, the simatool tool sets have been used around the world for almost 40 years in machine and maintenance workshops in almost every industry. The tools enable the user to carry out maintenance work much faster, safer and gentler. All tools are made from premium materials with Swiss precision and quality. The simatools come in a robust plastic case and are easy to take with you to any location.

                                                                   simatool Product overview

What solutions does simatec offer?

Fitting Tool FT 33, Fitting Tool FT-P: Mounting of rolling bearings on shafts and in housings by hammering or pressing with a bore diameter of 10-80 mm.

Ball Bearing Puller BP61, Ball Bearing Puller BP 160: Disassembly of over 110 different deep groove ball bearings from shafts and from housings with a bore diameter of 10-160 mm.

Seal Puller SP 50: The Seal Puller SP 50 toolset can be used to remove radial shaft seals with extreme ease.

Twin Puller TP 150: Combination BP 61 + SP 50 for dismounting deep groove ball bearings and radial shaft seals Maintenance Kit MK 10-30: Combination FT33 + BP 61 + SP 50 for mounting and dismounting of bearings and radial shaft seals.

              The simatool BP 160 comes in a custom molded carrying case

Bearing Handling Tool BHT: This enables very large bearings to be brought into the desired position safely and in the correct position before assembly. Available in two different sizes.

New simatool toolset: Bearing Puller BP 160 – Professional removal kit for all hard jobs

simatec ag has expanded its simatool product range and, with the BP 160 bearing puller, has created an extension to the BP 61, which has already proven itself a thousand times over. The new simatool toolset offers the ideal solution for removing larger deep groove ball bearings.

Application area

The Bearing Puller BP 160 removal tool set is the perfect tool for the professional removal of over 50 different deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter of 30 mm to 160 mm. The BP 160 also offers the right solution if the bearing has to be removed from a shaft and a housing at the same time. But how is that possible? For removal, the bearing cage must be opened at two opposite points in order to insert the ball adapter in the bearing race. These are then rotated 90 degrees so that the ball adapters can guarantee a secure hold during the pull-off process.

        Dismount a deep groove ball bearing from a shaft and from a housing with the simatool BP 160

Of course, this innovative method also offers the right solutions for expansion situations from shafts or from housings. Sealed bearings can also be easily removed with our simatool Seal Puller SP 50 after removing the corresponding seal.


The compact tool case contains a spindle with centering attachment, a pulling arm support beam, pull rods, extensions and six high-quality ball adapter pairs. The following advantages result from this:

                                        simatool Bearing Puller BP 160
  • The spindle is already screwed into the pulling arm support beam and makes the tool ready for use faster than the competition.
  • The self-retaining spindle attachment ensures a symmetrical application of force and thus reduces the risk of damaging the shaft due slipping to a minimum
  • Adjacent components do not have to be removed, which leads to considerable time savings
  • All tool components are available as spare parts

Detailed information and which solutions are offered with simatool toolsets can be found at

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