Simple, fast and safe bearing handling thanks to simatool


The availability and optimal utilization of production facilities are the most important factors for the profitability of companies. Production and resulting yield losses due to unplanned plant shutdowns are no longer tolerated today. In order to reduce unwanted failures and allow planned maintenance intervals to be as long as possible, preventive measures must be taken. Rolling bearings are used billions of times worldwide and have become an indispensable part of mechanical engineering. Expectations of the service life of such bearings are correspondingly high and the service life depends on various factors.

The aim is therefore to implement the entire process of bearing dismounting, handling, mounting, lubrication and monitoring quickly, safely and easily. This is where simatec’s innovative solutions can help.

Without the right special tools, professional mounting of rolling bearings and radial shaft seals is impossible. Did you know that 16% of premature bearing failures are due to improper mounting?

With simatool toolsets, rolling bearings and radial shaft seals can be mounted and dismounted quickly and safely. simatec ag ​​has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of innovative products for the assembly and disassembly of rolling bearings. Using simatec products ensures that bearings are installed correctly and that they reach their full performance potential in terms of quality and service life.

The focus of today’s article is on the topic bearing handling.

Product launch Bearing Handling Tool 200-400

                                           New simatool BHT 200-400 in use

What can a Bearing Handling Tool (BHT) do and what are its advantages?

The Bearing Handling Tool is ideal for the professional and safe lifting of large and heavy bearings. With the BHT, you avoid the risk of accidents and the risk of damaging the bearing. The simatool Bearing Handling Tool consists of two handles, two rotating handles and steel straps that enclose the bearing on the outer ring. By evenly tightening the handles in the two support arms, the steel bands are fixed to the outer ring diameter of the bearing. The two anti-rotation devices prevent the inner ring from swinging out in the case of angularly movable bearings (self-aligning ball bearings). Two opposing handles and two carrying straps allow easy handling with a lifting crane. Bearings can be placed on a shaft with the Bearing Handling Tool in both horizontal and vertical positions.

                                              New simatool BHT 200-400 with bearing inner ring holder

The bore remains free, so the bearing can be easily pushed onto a shaft. Additionally, the fixation of the bearing allows a more precise positioning. This guarantees simple, fast and safe bearing mounting on shafts.

The range has been completed with the type 200 – 400. This device is available from September 2022 and is suitable for cylindrical bearings with an outer diameter of 200 to 400 mm. The maximum lifting capacity is approved to 150 kg. The other two BHT 300 – 500 and BHT 500 – 700 mm are approved for lifting forces up to 500 kg. All three variants are tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.

                                                            simatool Bearing Handling Tool family

Use with simatherm induction heating device possible?

simatherm heating devices efficiently heat rolling bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts. They enable quick and clean assembly and replace conventional heating methods such as hot plates, hot oil baths, open flames and ovens. During the heating process, only the workpiece heats up, but the device remains cold. simatherm induction heating devices are used for workpieces weighing up to 300 kg.

Bearing Handling Tools can be used to safely and easily lift workpieces onto or off simatherm induction heating units. The Bearing Handling Tool can be used for inner ring temperatures of up to 160°C. Before lifting the bearing from the heater, the final tightening torque must be checked.

                Bearing handling tool on induction heating device

The use of simatec maintenance products results in the following benefits for users: Easy handling, increased work safety, increased service life of components as well as cost reduction due to fast and proper installation and removal.

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