T.T.S. Italy Accelerates Bearing Production Efficiency, Precision and Industry 4.0


T.T.S. Italy Accelerates Bearing Production Efficiency, Precision and Industry 4.0 with the NEW Advanced CNC Machine

It was a year ago when T.T.S. Italy had installed a new grinding machinery with latest technologies to widen their product diversity and strengthen processing capabilities and this year, they have successfully installed a new CNC multi–functioning turning machine which is a product of Biglia Spa, an Italian company, expert in the field of CNC machines. This machine is one of the latest entrants in the market capable of performing machining operations much faster together with higher flexibility. This results in a shorter lead time simultaneously reducing the manufacturing costs compared to the other machines T.T.S. owns.

The CNC machine has a direct drive motor capable of running upto 6000rpm with the possibility of fixing 16 tools to the turret. This high-speed setup enables us to machine the bearing rings with higher precision and in shorter time. It also reduces the machine set up time. These reductions in time helps T.T.S.  to reduce the overhead costs. Apart from standard bearing components, this machine also helps in machining special bearing components which have complex geometries, for example some such components are used in track rollers, wheel bearings, combined bearings etc. The paramount part of this machine is that robots can also be integrated enabling the path for a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). It is inline with the vision of T.T.S.  who have a strong vision for Industry 4.0 and are devising their plans and actions for their manufacturing competence for future and in brief this machine is a worthy commencement to be an expert.

Recently one of their clients, a metallurgical leader in the Italian market had suffered a severe breakdown of a machine due to the failure of a special bearing, provided by their other supplier. This bearing was two row full complement cylindrical bearing with special lubrication set up. This breakdown stopped their production, and they had a severe exigency to replace it in the shortest time possible. Due the nonstandard nature of the bearing, it was not easy task for the client to find in shortest time. It is when the client approached T.T.S. whose technical team were very prompt in responding to the queries and clarifications of the client. And after a quick audit to the T.T.S.   by the client, T.T.S.  was handled the responsibility with the job. Thanks to the presence of the new CNC machine, the grinding machines, QC instruments, T.T.S.   could overcome this challenge and supply the bearings in shortest time with much better quality.

In the recent few years, T.T.S.has observed a continuous demand of their products in the East-European, Indian and South American markets. Their exports worldwide being about 60% of their products produced annually. And this year, the new CNC machines has championed in making the journey easier and faster. As the leaders of T.T.S. say, now this is not the end, it is just the beginning, are motivated to augment latest technologies in their machines and with confidence they re-affirm the clients with high quality “MAKE IN ITALY” products

More information on T.T.S. Italy can be found in their website and can be contacted at [email protected]


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