TORLON injection mastered by JESA

JESA – Solid Oil information video

Tough Challenge Requires Customized Bearing Solutions

Customized Bearing Solutions Innovation, Design, Development, Production

 JESA SA, is a company specialized in the design, development and production of customized bearings and integrated bearing assemblies. The company was founded by...

JESA builds a brand-new factory for its Chinese entity

 JESA is a specialist in the development and manufacturing of high-quality bespoke bearings, as well as in combining them with machined / stamped parts...

JESA has lost its founding father

Joseph Egger has had a lasting impact on the industrial footprint of Fribourg following the creation of the precision bearing manufacturer JESA, which will...

Your partner for Precision Bearings and Innovative Solutions

 45 years of experience have contributed to JESA s industry reputation as a specialist in tailored solutions, incorporating any combination of ball bearings, screw-machine...

Steenox, the new high-tech anti-corrosion steel

Always at the forefront of technology, JESA again proves innovative thanks to the use of our new high-tech anti-corrosion steel, Steenox.Steenox is a ground-breaking...