Textile Industry Transformation with WIB’s Advanced Solutions


Textile machinery, the backbone of the textile industry, is continuously evolving to meet increased demands for speed, efficiency, and longevity. From high-speed production to reduced maintenance and improved precision, the expectations are sky-high. This is where WIB, a Swiss pioneer in advanced bearing solutions, shines brightest, consistently offering tailor-made products for the textile industry.

A Swiss Solution for Global Challenges

At WIB, we understand the various challenges that textile manufacturers face:

  • Maximizing machine speed and lifespan
  • Simplifying mounting and maintenance
  • Improving working precision
  • Enhancing loading capacity
  • Reducing noise and weight
  • Providing protection against aggressive environments

In response to these challenges, WIB has designed bearings specifically suited to each application, optimizing these parameters to perfection. Our wide experience and global reputation uniquely position us to offer cutting-edge, precise, and efficient solutions.

A Collaborative Approach to Innovation

WIB firmly believes in collaborative innovation. Our extensive R&D efforts have been carried out hand-in-hand with our customers. Through this joint endeavour, we’ve been able to enhance the final product’s quality, meeting and exceeding the evolving demands of the market. We’re not just providers; we are partners in your success, designing solutions that improve bearing life and extend maintenance cycles.

 Versatile Bearing Solutions

Our offering ranges from single-row radial bearings, double-row angular contact bearings to self-aligning ball bearings. Whether it’s for guidance systems, straightening systems, or any specialized textile machinery, we’ve got you covered. Our years of application experience and a comprehensive production setup enable us to provide an array of bearings, some of which are exclusive to the OEM.

Product Spotlight: WIB’s Textile Bearing Portfolio

Our bearings are not just components; they are solutions. Each design is an answer to a unique challenge. Here are a few examples of how our innovative approach has delivered performance and quality:

  • Cylindrical bearing for Wire Coating Machines:

This specialized bearing, with a wider inner ring, is designed for the spindle of a wire coating machine. The shield’s colour indicates the proper mounting direction for optimal operation.

  • Double-row Cylindrical Bearing for Textile Machines:

Specifically designed for a spindle in a textile machine, this bearing supports higher radial loads than a standard O8M00 bearing at a slightly lower limiting speed.

  • Full Complement Radial Ball Bearing for Spinning Machines:

This cage-less bearing with a higher admissible load and slightly lower speed limit is ideal for spinning machines subjected to high loads.

  • Full Complement Ball Bearing for Weaving Machines:

This cage-less cam roller, with a twin chamfer on the inner ring, is designed for a weaving machine drive system, offering high performance under extreme loads.

  • Special Design for Shuttle Weaving Machines:

This unique design integrates a two-part inner ring with a shaft, providing grease lubrication through a purpose-built hole. It’s designed for shuttle weaving machines, where it must support high accelerations.

Bearing the Torch for Excellence

As a Swiss manufacturer, WIB holds the beacon for quality and high performance. We are committed to facilitating the textile industry’s evolution with our expertly designed bearings. By delivering the Swiss promise of precision and efficiency to our partners worldwide, we continue to push boundaries, ensuring your capabilities and production always exceed expectations.

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