The CP series laser machines for the bearing industry


In a sector of activity as technological and competitive as the laser, it is not always easy to stand out from other players. However, CP Automation has managed to succeed by offering a modular standardised automation platform that engraves, marks, welds and cuts.

Nowadays, each modern production plant integrates a multitude of different laser technologies. Laser applications come in many forms such as measuring, machining or detecting the presence of parts. Laser technology has undeniably become more and more popular.

Hence, many laser solution providers have emerged. Today, very few of them are able to provide a complete range of products, which allows, in addition to laser processes, to handle and control the parts.

The new standardised CP Series automation platform developed by CPAutomation engineers makes it easy to combine laser modules with handling, assembly and visual inspection modules.

Figure 1: The CP Series platform has a full range of welding, engraving, marking and cutting laser modules

Marking, engraving and LASER CUTTING MODULE

The module combines beam shaping optics, a 2D or 3D galvanometric scanning head, a camera for imaging parts and positioning axes.

For engraving and marking applications, depending on the surface condition and the desired cycle time by the clients, femtosecond, picosecond or nanosecond lasers are used.

The intelligent vision system can achieve accuracies of a few micrometres and ensure high productivity.

The third optical axis makes it possible to machine curved components and to control engraving depth.

The module is used, for example, for marking without microcracking inside glass, intense black marking of medical components and deep engravings of watch parts.

For cutting applications, the use of the femtosecond laser makes it possible to obtain machining of microtechnical parts without heat-affected zones with clean, burr-free sides.

                              Figure 2: Ultrafast Laser Module in CP Series

Laser welding module

The laser welding module combines laser beam shaping optics, a 2D galvanometric scanning head, a camera for imaging parts and positioning axes.

            Figure 3: 5-axis laser welding module assisted by smart vision software

The module is assisted by a smart vision system. It automatically identifies the orientation of the parts and therefore adjusts the position of the laser beam to ensure the weld is always in the correct position.

In order to guarantee excellent welds on all types of materials, infrared or visible, continuous or semi-continuous lasers are commonly used on CP Series platform equipment.

The unique aesthetic inspection technology using artificial intelligence algorithms allows automatic control of the quality of the weld.

The laser welding module is used for precision laser micro-welding applications, such as welding of watch, medical or electronic parts, with materials as varied as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium or precious materials.

Smart Data Advisor for monitoring laser processes

The Smart Data Advisor platform is a tool for storing, analysing and displaying data from connected machines. This tool installed on a local or remote server, allows real-time visualisation of the strategic data of the equipment or a set of machines. With this interconnected device, it is possible to monitor machine data anywhere and on any medium. The Smart Data Advisor platform leverages machine data to create value to improve the quality and productivity of CP Series devices.

In today’s world, the digital revolution is having a big impact on all industries. They must adapt and take advantage of disruptive innovations, such as artificial intelligence, big data, collaborative robotics or inter-connectivity of devices. “For our clients, the use of new digitisation technologies must not be an end in itself, but must help improve the quality of parts produced and optimise the productivity of the company,” says Marcel Dubey, CEO of CPAutomation.

                                   Marcel Dubey, CEO of CPAutomation

In order to ensure the quality of the machined parts, the Smart Data Advisor tool allows to monitor and supervise important process parameters via graphs, values with thresholds and logfiles.

Depending on the applications, the following machining parameters are supervised and generate alarms if their values deviate:

Internal Laser Power: before machining each part, the laser power is measured at different power levels.

Laser power at the focal point: at a user-defined frequency, the device measures the power of the laser in the machining area.

Focal length of the laser optical system: at a user-defined frequency, the equipment goes into calibration mode and automatically measures the focal length using suitable tools. Focal length monitoring detects the deviations of the complete laser optical system.

Mire vision: the alignment of the reference frames of the camera and the laser is checked periodically to anticipate any positioning deviation.

Line Projector: The Z position of the area to be machined is measured before each machining to ensure the repeatability of the positioning. This same line projector is periodically checked on a reference surface in order to verify any deviation of the measurement.

Conformity of machined elements: for engraving and marking, optical character recognition tools are used to validate the process. For welding, image analysis of the weld using artificial intelligence algorithm enables the verification of the quality of the weld.

Camera exposure time: at a user-defined frequency, a white reference is automatically placed in front of the camera to perform a white balance. This operation makes it possible to detect any deviations of the camera-optical-illumination system.

Out-of-roundness tools: the tools are periodically measured by the equipment itself.

Equipment component parameters: the time of use of the various components of the laser modules is monitored to generate periodic maintenance actions, such as lens, mirror and periscope cleaning and replacement of wear parts .

Figure 5: Smart Data Advisor software for the CP Series platform for monitoring laser processes

20 years of experience serving the industrial sector

With 20 years of experience, CPAutomation SA supports its clients in digitising their factories and offers turnkey production equipment based on standardised platforms. For the most complex cases, the company also offers tailor-made solutions. CPAutomation’s clients benefit from a wide range of expertise in micro-assembly/micromanipulation, laser machining and automatic visual inspection. In addition, the company was recently named in the TOP 10 2019 robotic process automation solution providers by the American magazine CIO Applications for its European edition.

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