The largest professional range of Eco Cleaners available from one source


Clean, Green & LEAN. The largest professional range of Eco Cleaners available from one source. T&T Eco are able to improve safety, remove hazardous solvents from the workplace as well as enable customers to rationalise their supply & reduce their total cost.

The company has brought together several technically leading brands into the EMEA market to form a unique and professional range of degreasers, absorbents & cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and safe to use, as well as ecologically clean and biodegradable. Making them a practical and competitive solution without compromising performance.

T&T Eco products are used throughout most sectors around the globe & are widely acknowledged by engineers, technicians, maintenance staff & H&S managers as high performing quality maintenance chemicals. Their supplies are cost-effective, safe & sustainable maintenance solutions for specialty industry & service applications.

T&T Eco are looking for established distributor partners with a strong geographic & / or application focus, they are also welcoming 3rd Party purchasing consultants that are recommending, sourcing or supplying into target applications & customers.

When it comes to the application & use of chemicals for maintenance, cleaning & lubrication, each industry faces its own individual requirements & challenges.

T&T Eco has developed a comprehensive professional range of eco-friendly cleaning products that will effectively remove industrial greases, welding spatter & paints.

The range of specialist chemical products designed to perform in the most testing environments:

  • Degreasers & Cleaners: A range of degreasers & cleaners for use in all types of industries
  • Specialised Products: Specialist & niche functions & applications (Cleaning – Protecting – Removing)
  • Absorbents: FloodSax & Pro Earth range of natural absorbent material & products
  • Descaling: Limescale & Calcium Removal
  • Deodorise: Wastewater treatment & odour control

You can take a look at all their products that are available here.

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