The Lube Room is the Foundation of Bearing Reliability


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All companies today are striving and struggling to achieve positive bottom line results. The strategic trend in all industries today is improved Reliability or in other words, making equipment run longer with fewer breakdowns and less maintenance.

However, the most fundamental of all Reliability strategies, is Lubrication Management. Simply put, machines wear out and a large cause of this is wear, is from a low or the loss of, the lubrication film thickness – that magical phenomena that separates metal to metal surfaces and prevents wear.

However, machines need not wear out. If a good and clean lube film is present, for example with gears, hydraulics and inside bearings, then wear can be prevented, through the elimination of metal-to-metal contact.

The foundation stone for any Reliability strategy is laid in the lubrication storage room, contrary to complex theories associated with the many Reliability strategies on offer today.

Listen to Ian Knight talk about how to make your Lubrication storeroom the pillar or springboard for improving your Reliability Strategies.

Please feel free to join Ian Knight’s presentation between 15 – 18 March at the Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event. Apart from that, you can always contact Ian Knight from Enluse B.V. for your individualized advice and questions.

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