The power of the Source Qualification Inspection (SQI)


All companies strive to provide their customers with reliable and efficient products that will perform to both their personal expectations and those of the customer. To continually produce a quality product that meets the high demands of today’s consumers, manufacturers must have a thorough understanding of the functions a bearing executes in an application. Unfortunately, bearing manufacturers are not willing to share their design intentions. Drawings that provide the recipe to ensure repeatable application success, saving companies both time and money, have been withheld – until now.

Napoleon Engineering Services (NES) extensive Source Qualification Inspection (SQI) program can provide this valuable insight and information, making your application more efficient and cost effective.

A unique industrial bearing reverse engineering program, SQI opens a door to provide an inside look at a manufacturer’s design intentions. Through a series of thorough inspections, the highly skilled, meticulous engineers at NES create a series of detailed reports to determine the quality of workmanship and manufacturing capabilities of a given bearing. These invaluable inspections include: complete dimensional inspection, visual inspection, noise testing, seal evaluation, material chemistry, microstructure, and hardness. By performing these in-depth tests, our engineers can provide you with the ability to determine differences in performance between supplier’s products, giving you an understanding as to why a baseline product is successful. An NES SQI can facilitate opening the lines of communication between the bearing manufacturers and lead to enhancements of existing technical drawings. With the uncertainty of the global supply chain, SQI provides stability by allowing greater control of a bearing design.

SQI combined with our superior testing programs allows for a comprehensive understanding of bearing performance and expectations within a given application, providing OEM’s the information needed to make informed decisions. With the array of uncertainties that may affect your application, let the largest independent Bearing Inspection and Bearing Testing facility in the United States provide the stability and peace of mind that only NES’s experienced engineers can offer.