The simatherm IH 045 World‘s first controllable induction heater with an app


simatherm heaters efficiently heat bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts. They allow quick and clean assembly and replace conventional heating methods such as hot plates, hot oil baths, open flames and ovens. During the heating process, only the workpiece heats up, but the heater remains cold.

For which rolling bearing dimensions is the induction heater suitable?

Bearings weighing up to 45 kg can be heated with the newest heating device, the IH 045. Rolling bearings with a maximum outside diameter of up to 420 mm can be placed correctly on the device thanks to the extendable workpiece support.

Two-sensor technology

Two-probe technology enables stress-free heating of high-precision, pre-greased and sealed bearings. The temperature difference between the inner and outer ring can be selected. The following applies: The smaller the temperature difference, the lower the mechanical stress that occurs in the bearing, which in turn significantly increases the service life of the rolling bearing.

More power thanks to external induction coil

The IH 045 has the smallest external induction coil in its performance class and enables extremely fast heating, saving time, energy and maintenance costs. Rolling bearings with a bore diameter of 90 mm can be heated up to 1.5 times faster over the coil than over the support yoke. At only 17 kg, including the three standard yokes, the IH 045 is lighter than the competition.

Connectivity with the «simatec World of Maintenance» app

The simatherm IH 045 is the world’s first induction heater to connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. This guarantees the user fast,intuitive operation with direct communication via the app for support, updates or advantages of digital operator guidance. The APP can also be used to record and visualise heating data for quality assurance purposes. The simatec World of Maintenance APP is available for Android and Apple users. It is up to the user whether the unit is operated via the integrated control panel or the mobile phone as remote control.

For handling heavy workpieces, simatec has developed the Bearing Handling Tools, the ideal complement to the simatherm induction heating devices.

Use of the Bearing Handling Tools (BHT) with an induction heater

The Bearing Handling Tools are ideal for professional and safe lifting of large and heavy bearings. With the BHT you avoid the risk of accidents and bearing damage. The workpieces are mechanically clamped on the outer ring by a steel band. Two opposing handles and two carrying straps allow easy handling with a crane. The bearings can be placed on a shaft both horizontally and vertically with the Bearing Handling Tool.

The bore remains free so that the bearing can be easily pushed onto a shaft. In addition, fixing the bearing enables more precise positioning. This ensures simple, fast and safe mounting of bearings on shafts.

The simatool Bearing Handling Tool is available in three versions:

+ BHT 200-400 for outside diameters of 200-400 mm; max. lifting force 150 kg

+ BHT 300-500 for outside diameters of 300-500 mm; max. lifting force 500 kg

+ BHT 500-700 for outside diameters of 500-700 mm; max. lifting force 500 kg

All three variants have been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.

With the Bearing Handling Tool, workpieces can be lifted safely and easily onto or off the simatherm induction heaters.

The Bearing Handling Tool can be used for bearing temperatures of up to 160°C. Before lifting the bearing from the heating device, the final tightening torque must be checked.

The use of simatec maintenance products results in the following advantages for users:

+ Easy handling
+ Increased work safety
+ Increased service life of components
+ Cost reduction due to fast and professional fitting of rolling bearings

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