The Story of the Rotherham based Industrial Solution Provider


We had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Griffiths, the Managing Director at Chain Supply UK, a specialist in all types of Transmission, Lifting and Conveying Chains and Sprockets. Chains are produced in over 14,000 variations within 20+ DIN standards and in 350 different chain factories worldwide. Chain Supply UK (CSUK), which is part of the Howcroft Group, has the knowledge and design capabilities to source or produce many different types, materials and sizes.

Howcroft Industrial Supplies (HIS), which Chain Supply UK is part of, is an independent supplier of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) consumables and is active in a variety of industries and is authorized distributor for renowned worldwide manufacturers. We tried to reveal during this interview the story of the Rotherham based industrial solution provider.

What is the story and history of Howcroft Group / Chain Supply UK? …and your role in this story?

Chain Supply UK are a supplier of roller and conveyor chain, along with auxiliary associated products into all industry segments. Established in 2005, the company is part of The Howcroft Group Ltd, and they work closely with some of the world’s largest chain manufacturers.

They supply not only their own brand of Roller Chain, CSUK, but also offer a full range of solution chains for every industry. Chain Supply UK have extensive experience in the Industrial Chain industry and provide solutions to problems through their high level of technical expertise. We are proud members of the EPTDA.

Mark Griffiths has 35 years experience in the chain industry and joined CSUK as MD in 2021, developing and implementing our own high performance roller chain brand. In addition, our innovative approach sees us developing sensors to prevent costly downtime and facilitate effective predictive maintenance.

We noticed that Howcroft Group / Chain Supply UK has a wide range of solutions and products. Can you share the main product range for the bearings and the power transmissions?

Howcroft Group offer bearings from the likes of NTN-SNR, ISB, Cooper Roller Bearings. Our Power Transmission offerings include HIS Shaft Mounted Gearbox Units, Gates Belt Drive Systems, Megadyne, BRECO and all Couplings and Drive Solutions in addition to CSUK Chain.

CSUK stock a wide range of solution chains including Carbon Steel Chains, Maintenance Free Chains, Stainless Steel Chains and Straight Side-plate Chains in both British Standard and ANSI Specifications.

Which are the other products you offer?

Our core product range includes Automation, Bearings, Belt & Chain Drives, Electrical, Janitorial, Signs, Tools, Workwear and PPE.

Which are the main activities of Chain Supply?

Chain Supply UK has its own brand of High- Performance Roller Chain, manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technologies. We stock a full range of chains, including solution chains, offering Maintenance Free, Stainless Steel, and Straight Side-plate for conveying applications. CSUK can also source standard and specialist industrial chain from various chain manufacturers around the world. Our innovative approach also includes innovative sprocket design to extend the life of the chain and sensors to assist with predictive maintenance.

Can you tell us more about your target market?

Our target markets are Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Mining, Construction and Warehousing along with all General Industrial Applications.

      Mark Griffiths, Managing Director at Chain Supply UK

How do you see the future of the industry further developing in the coming years, and which are the main challenges and opportunities?

We believe the technology of Power Transmission is changing thanks to technological advancements. The integration of smart sensors, such as the CSUK Power and Process Monitor, allow us to collect and analyze huge amounts of data. This allows us to become smarter and bring greater improvements such as predictive maintenance, increased reliability and profitability, whilst becoming more environmentally sustainable.

As a result of this technology, end users will be able to collect the data from each section within the facility, identify any problems and, if necessary, make any adjustments in order to optimize and increase productivity. Our extensive stocks at our recently extended and refurbished Headquarters in Manvers, Rotherham and 24 hour call out service means we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. By adopting our three core principles, Quality, Value and Service, we have enjoyed continuous growth and are readily placed to take on any challenges.

More information about Chain Supply UK can be found at the link and more insights and solutions about the Howcroft Group at the link.