TransDev Is Open For Business and Has Your Back!


Please tell us about the initiatives taken by your company for business continuity while ensuring employees well-being during these challenging times?

It is important to bear in mind that first and foremost TransDev is both a Manufacturer and Distributor. We source motion components whilst also having a large manufacturing capacity for pulleys, gears, sprockets and belts. Our business philosophy is firmly based on utilising our strong financial position to ensure we have the stock and capabilities to support our customers. How do we do this?

  • By investing in high levels of stock availability
  • Maintaining multiple sources of supply
  • Offering leading brands
  • In-house UK manufacturing capacity
  • Motion expertise

TransDev is a key player in the UK supply chain and vital to industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical and food production.  The Directors of TransDev first response to the Coronavirus pandemic was to develop a detailed and phased Action Plan. This was to help ensure business continuity, minimise the possibility of Coronavirus cross contamination for staff, suppliers and customers, whilst maintaining supplies to industry.  As the crisis developed we moved into more stringent phases and kept staff fully informed and also canvassed their opinions as to the alternative solutions or procedures.

To help match hygiene and distancing measures to business areas, a simple colour code system is in continuous use. One important aspect of our approach was the fact that the TransDev business operates across multiple buildings on its Poole site. This physical separation between Sales, Manufacturing, Special Belts, Plastics and the Distribution warehouses enabled us to immediately reduce and control cross contamination potential. Where possible this has been further leveraged through splitting teams across those buildings, limiting movement between areas and via home working for many team members, either temporarily or on rotation.

This is all in addition to other measures, such as hand gel stations at all entrances, air conditioning decontamination, work station and production cell cleansing using supplied materials, wearing of protective gloves and more stringent cleaning rotas.

What steps have you taken to ensure Work from Home? How are you ensuring collaboration amongst internal teams?

Our Citrix virtual client solution has enabled seamless working wherever team members are currently based. This effectively provides all staff with access to their desktop environment as though they were in the office. All staff are also kept up to date with the measures as they develop or change. Collaboration tools such as project management software is used alongside conferencing applications where necessary.

What initiatives have you taken for a smooth customer experience?

TransDev sources components from Asia, the USA and Europe. The majority of our European belting products are manufactured in Germany. Our Purchasing department undertook an extensive review across all of our suppliers including our current stock and ordering position, adjusting stock levels where appropriate. TransDev can additionally support product shortages through its in-house Manufacturing, ensuring that customers have options when they need them. We graphically show this mix to make this important point in our blog article (see attachments) with detailed Q&A, which was shared via email and socially from the outset. We also updated our Google business profile with key information and opening times, as well as informing contacts via all email signatures.

What would you define as key lessons from this crisis?

Things move and change quickly, so have a plan that can be ramped up or down according to need. People want information and not uncertainty, so share your plans with staff, customers and suppliers. No scenarios are impossible, so consider all of the ‘What if?’ Accept that things will not move as quickly, happen as fast etc. Then finally, plan for what comes next as we move out of the crisis.

In your view, what will be the impact of the pandemic on the overall business scenario and especially on your segment? What is your strategy to tackle the economic slowdown?

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