UAS3 Bearing Toolbox


Have you ever thought that certain tasks sometimes take up time that could otherwise be spent on more useful ones?

Does wasting precious hours searching for bearing part numbers in manufacturers’ manuals, when you could have everything at your fingertips in moments, sound familiar?

With SDT Ultrasound Solutions, this time-consuming activity could be a thing of the past.

UAS3, our asset management software, now includes a Bearing Toolbox that will make your life easier and save you countless hours.

When you get down to the business of diagnosing bearing failures, you can now simply browse our database of up to 50K references and get everything in a few clicks.
This will allow you to easily diagnose which bearing has faults, where and what type of fault it is. Indeed, the defects of the components of a bearing generate specific frequencies which depend on its geometry and its rotation speed.

These four bearing failure frequencies are commonly known as:

  • BPFO – Ball Pass Frequency, Outer Race;
  • BPFI – Ball Pass Frequency, Inner Race;
  • BSF – Ball Spin Frequency;
  • FTF – Fundamental Train Frequency.

Once you have found the right bearing in our database, all you need to do is reference the speed of the machine being examined and verify that the acquired signal corresponds to one of these four bearing failure frequencies!

Not bad, is it? Just imagine how much more efficient and effective you could be with this simple addition to UAS3!
To us it’s pretty clear, anyone involved in equipment maintenance and condition monitoring tasks should add this tool to their arsenal!

More information about the product can be found here.