Ultrasound for Reliability in the Steel Industry – Rapid Fire with Trobradovic and Rienstra


In this online session Haris Trobradović, CRL, ARP and Allan Rienstra CRL use a traditional debate method where one makes a statement and the other has 3 minutes to comment. Then, after 3 minutes is up the other has one more minute to finish the debate.

In raising the four question/statements below, the speakers hope to create some awareness for the steel industry about the importance of reliability, ultrasound, condition monitoring, and the long-time outlook for their bearings.

Statement #1 – Why too much grease is worse for bearings than not enough.
Statement #2 – Why time-based lubrication is no longer considered better practice. Statement #3 – How lube replenishment data drives strategic outcomes that reduce grease consumption.
Statement #4 – How lube techs contribute to condition monitoring teams for better collaboration.


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