Updated SKF Bearing Assist app will Improve Mounting Performance

By emphasising workflow, the new version of SKF’s Bearing Assist app gives  the bearing installer clear guidance on the mounting process – helping to prevent premature failures and improve sustainability.

A new version of the SKF Bearing Assist mobile app will help the bearing installer to replace bearings more accurately and effectively.

Every year, there are millions of bearing failures caused by incorrect mounting. Overcoming this can deliver multiple benefits to owners (operator) of rotating machinery, including reduced costs related to maintenance, fewer breakdowns, as well as a more sustainable operation of the machinery.

“The new version of our app has workflow as its centrepiece, and is far more user-friendly,” says Geri Palinkas, Product Manager for Bearing Assist at SKF. “This makes it easier for a bearing installer to avoid making mistakes.”

The SKF Bearing Assist app, on a smartphone or tablet, provides step-by-step guidance, replacement instructions and an improved way to document and trace each replacement bearing. A detailed checklist ensures that each necessary step, such as planning and preparing the job and measuring associated components, has been completed.

In addition to saving time and effort when mounting bearings, the app also helps technicians to use a structured process that minimizes the risk of making a mistake. Since correct bearing mounting minimizes premature failure, the app also helps to reduce waste and improve sustainability by extending the machinery lifecycles.

One key feature in the app is the ability to label and record bearing positions during replacement. This enables better documentation and efficient maintenance practice. It also provides a better structure to the report which can be automatically generated by the app, saving time for the installer while doing the job.

The latest version also generates a PDF preview of the report within the app, so it can be edited and corrected before creating the final version. Users of the previous version will be able to adopt the new version seamlessly because existing reports will be merged into it. This means that no legacy data will be lost when upgrading.


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