Used bearing machinery auction after site closure of SKF (U.K.) Limited


Until November 2nd 2021 more than 450 high-quality used machines from the site closure of SKF (U.K.) Limited can be purchased at auction or direct sale on

Following the complete site closure of renowned aerospace bearing manufacturer SKF (U.K.) Limited in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, high-quality (CNC) machines for vertical and horizontal machining of bearings and grinding are available for sale. The precision machines are ideal for producing bearings and can handle all steps from cutting to final test. Until November 2, the machines can be purchased at the online auction house.

Up for auction are 450 items, including machines from the following manufacturers:

  • RÖSLER R12/65MF 3-stage automatic vibratory deburring machine
  • OKUMA LR15 CNC double turret lathe
  • DANOBAT CR 330-A CNC horizontal band saw
  • FORTUNA Tango FM4 CNC-AD grinding machine

In addition, a large inventory of tools, gauges, equipment, and spare parts will go under the hammer. The machines and tools are in good condition and thus offer an ideal opportunity for companies to upgrade their manufacturing facilities with used machinery. offers buyers and sellers of used machinery comprehensive service from a single source. From professional evaluation of the machines, to quality control, disassembly and shipping, assists with every step of a purchase or sale.

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