Watch Webinar Recording – IIoT Bearing Lubrication and Health Monitoring Solutions


Find out in this webinar recording what UE Systems has been working on to provide maintenance professionals with IIoT solutions for permanent and remote bearing monitoring and lubrication.

Pairing ultrasonic sensors with IIoT solutions promises to be a game changer for maintenance & reliability practices and will bring obvious benefits in asset condition monitoring:

  • Permanent and Remote Bearing Monitoring: no need for manual inspections.
  • Ultrasonic sensors providing the earliest warning of failure or lubrication issues.
  • Precision lubrication, anytime, anywhere – lubricate bearings remotely and only when needed!
  • Connected sensors sending data to the cloud: always available, from anywhere, for trending and analysis.
  • Be on top of your bearings: real-time alarms will let you know when something is wrong.

The webinar was presented by Chris Hallum, UE Systems’ Regional Manager for the UK & Ireland and Blair Fraser, UE Systems’ director for Global IIoT Solutions.

The session is freely available at

The webinar includes the following topics:

  • Ultrasound technology for bearing condition monitoring and lubrication.
  • Ultrasonic sensors for permanent monitoring.
  • OnTrak: IIoT solution for bearing lubrication and health monitoring.
  • SmartLube: lubricating bearings from anywhere, anytime, only when needed.

More information about the OnTrak SmartLube – IIoT Solution for Remote Bearing Monitoring and Lubrication

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