We are ready, we always were…


Since our foundation, back in 1936, we are continually improving, learning, and adapting to the industrial needs. With over 80 years of experience, we were part of the industrial challenges of 20 and 21 centuries, which offered us valuable knowledge about the ever-evolving technologies. We grew side by side with the innovation from the manufacturing sector.

It’s not easy to always adapt at a fast pace, but you must do it to stay competitive. No matter what happened, we adapted. It was also the case of the novel coronavirus crisis. The pandemic has left millions of workers to wonder when and how will the economy going to recover. A gradual process is in place all over the world to fully reopen the industrial activity. The recovery speed varies on many factors (location, industrial sectors, the health status of the population, etc.). This time, the economic policies are also different from other crises, because of the threat of a new wave of coronavirus cases.

At RKB we had an internal protocol that helped us from the start of the crisis. Even with the novel coronavirus pandemic, all our activities continued regularly. We never stopped. We had no supply problems or significant delivery shifts. Our large and locally-based warehouses solved many critical situations that our clients across the world were facing.

RKB has an ever-growing network of local warehouses directly run in cooperation with its regional partners to ensure proximity and fast delivery. Our worldwide distribution network ensures exports to more than 50 countries.

Now, even with some industries being more demanding than others, we are prepared for every scenario. RKB presently engineers and produces over 8.000 different part numbers.

Our production capacity and fast delivery times were not affected by the pandemic.

RKB can point to a history of real gains in all major sectors, from shipbuilding to offshore oil platforms, from steelmaking to metalworking, from excavators to tunnel boring machines, from lifting bridges to power transmission applications, from home appliances to giant gearboxes for wind turbines, from heavy automotive to off-highway applications and more.


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