What makes NTN SNR EP3 Heavy Duty Grease your perfect lubrication solution for heavy duty applications in Middle East and Africa

Imagine mercury rising at 63 degrees Celsius.

Seems unbearable isn’t it?

As a matter of fact, this is the highest recorded temperature of year 2019 in the Middle East.

Yes, we humans can survive such sweltering conditions by drinking water to quench that thirst or by sweating it out to cool down.

But how about the bearings inside your truck or trailer that operate under scorching heat of the sun? How can you guarantee optimum performance, seamless operation services and safer driving experience in such high temperature and humidity conditions?

The answer? It’s all in the grease!

Choose NTN SNR EP3 Grease for seamless operations

As one of the world’s leading lubrication solution provider, NTN SNR offers Heavy Duty EP3 grease to MEA region. Made in France, it’s similar to universal grease but, with extreme pression and anti-corrosion additives – which makes it more suitable and fit for arduous applications!

With NLGI grade 3 consistency rating, this heavy duty grease is specially formulated to address the lubrication needs of heavy duty applications including trucks, trailers, and even agricultural equipment at wide operational temperature range of -25 °C up to 150 °C.

Care to know what’s in the formulation? Here are some points to ponder:

  1. Its NLGI grade 3 consistency can withstand humid environment and high temperatures.
  2. Special Lithium as thickener- Binds well with mineral oil making the grease more resistant to speed, load, and high temperatures.

What are you waiting for?

Know more about how NTN SNR Heavy Duty EP3 High Load Grease can help improve your heavy duty applications’ efficiency by clicking here or by contacting Mineral Circles Bearings, NTN SNR’s Authorised Distributor in the Middle East & Africa (certain restrictions apply).