Your Precision Air Bearing Requirements and Application Support


OAV Air Bearings is the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced air bearing technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the most precise bearing system available spread over many existing and emerging markets around the world. Advanced technologies have led to major breakthroughs and have given way to new markets. These developments have increased the need for precision tools and equipment. We have combined our past experience with today’s technologies and implemented military spec materials including aluminum, titanium, and graphite in producing our state of the art OAV Air Bearing products.

OAV Air Bearings do not have mechanical contact between elements and benefit from an air-film averaging effect. Furthermore, due to an absence of mechanical contact, the OAV Air Bearing has virtually no friction to generate heat and cause wear.

Management System

Our commitment to the highest quality standards, not only for our products, but also our organizational processes, is reflected by our integrated management system. Our strategy and quality management system promote continuous quality improvement, while metrics quantify measurable results. To maintain continuous achievements we have adopted international quality standards and our quality system complies with ISO-9001-2008 and MIL-I-45208.

Air Bearing Linear Guides

The manufacturing process for OAV Linear Air Bearing Guides ensure Ultra high precision and outstanding quality. We offer high-load capability, and Ultra High precision and performance to meet the needs of many industries.

OAV Profile Rail Guides consists of the next generation OAV Air Bearings and manufactured from Aircraft Quality lightweight linear guides, Box Series, T-Series , U-Series and Dovetail Series. It is a complete offering of Air Bearing slides in a wide range of styles, sizes and unique features produced for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications.

Standard OAV Air bearings guide tolerances

  • Local straightness: .25µm per 25mm travel with a maximum error of 2µm per 1000mm travel..
  • Flatness: .0005mm or .00002inc.

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