ZWZ started its 800 million yuan wind power spindle bearing project


Seizing the opportunity of carbon neutral development, the construction of the 800 million yuan wind power spindle bearing project of ZWZ started

On August 16, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the ZWZ Group’s wind power main shaft bearing project was held in the ZWZ Park in the Dalian Free Trade Zone. The project has a total investment of 800 million yuan in fixed assets. It will create a series of high-end brand inheritance products of the tile shaft, completely break the foreign market monopoly, and replace the localization of high-precision and special new equipment such as wind power and new energy in my country, and stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain. Provide support.

The wind power main shaft bearing project is an important symbol for ZWZ Group to accelerate the development model of “one body and two wings” and break through high-end manufacturing. An important investment project in brand building. The project includes 6 automatic bearing processing production lines and 3 heat treatment production lines, and the products are positioned for high-end markets and high-end customers. As a new growth pole in the future, ZWZ Group will introduce new development concepts, advanced management methods, an international talent team and a green, low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing model for project operation, leading and promoting the acceleration of Dalian’s bearing industry to green , intelligent, service-oriented and brand-oriented transformation and upgrading.