Linear Guides RCA: Damaged Ball Recirculation Parts


Damage Condition

Balls become free from the ball slide due to broken plastic ball re-circulation parts.

Possible Causes

  • Ball re-circulation disabled by abnormal wear caused by lubrication failure and intruded particles (Clogged ball re-circulation path)
  • In a case of butting rail specification, a ball re-circulation part collided with the rail at the rail butting position because of excessive misalignment of rails in lateral and vertical directions
  • Feed sped exceeded the permissible speed


  • Review the lubricant and lubrication system
  • Improve sealing function
  • Improve butting accuracy (Lateral and vertical aligning accuracy at butting position)
  • Review the feed speed. Focus at linear guide with high speed end cap

Damaged Ball Recirculation Parts

Part: End cap of Ball Slider
Symptom: Balls are free
Cause: End cap is damaged by excessive misalignment at the butting position of two rails. Ball slide operated at high speed in excess of permissible feed speed


Source: NSK