Revolution in Logistics: Automatic Lubrication Sets New Efficiency Standards


The future of logistics is automated

At a time when efficiency and sustainability are more important than ever in the logistics industry, simatec’s simalube automatic lubricators mark a turning point. These innovative solutions not only provide an answer to the challenges of modern logistics, but also redefine the standards for maintenance and service. In this report, we look at how simalube is taking efficiency in logistics to a new level and why this technology is indispensable for any forward-looking logistics company.

The challenge: maintenance in non-stop logistics

The logistics industry is characterised by continuous operations and the relentless pursuit of efficiency and profitability. Downtime for maintenance means lost productivity and can severely disrupt supply chains. Traditional manual lubrication of machine elements is time-consuming, error-prone and often inadequate, leading to premature wear and equipment failure.

Innovation by simalube: Automatic lubrication

simalube, the top product from simatec, offers an elegant solution to these challenges. These automatic lubricators precisely and reliably supply critical components such as industrial chains, conveyor technology and sorting systems with the necessary lubricant. Once installed, they operate autonomously for up to a year, drastically reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing operational reliability.

Two simalube lubricators including brushes simultaneously lubricate and clean the 30 metre long linear guides on a storage and retrieval machine (robot).
simalube lubricator incl. brush.


Here is a detailed picture of the installed simalube lubricator including the brush.

Advantages of simalube: More than just lubrication

The advantages of simalube extend far beyond pure lubrication:

  • Increased service life: Continuous and even lubrication minimises wear and friction, which significantly extends the service life of the systems.
  • Reduced downtimes: Fewer maintenance interruptions mean higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Energy efficiency: Lower friction leads to lower energy consumption and helps companies reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Time and cost savings: The automation of lubrication processes not only saves time, but also money through reduced maintenance costs and lower lubricant consumption.
  • Focus on technology: the simalube is innovation

simalube lubricant dispensers are characterised by their adaptability and versatility. Available in different sizes – from 15 ml to 250 ml – and with adjustable running times from 1 to 12 months, they offer the right solution for every application. The transparent housings allow easy monitoring of lubricant levels, while the hermetically sealed system keeps dirt and water out, further increasing reliability and safety.

The simalube 15ml can optimally lubricate and maintain a chain even in the tightest of spaces.

Areas of application: simalube in action

From conveyor systems and high-bay warehouses to picking robots and packaging systems – simalube has proven itself in a wide range of logistics applications. The ability to lubricate reliably even in the tightest of spaces and in areas that are difficult to access makes simalube the ideal partner for state-of-the-art logistics systems.

The smallest simalube lubricators 30ml and 15ml lubricate a chain and lateral bearings of a palletising system.

Future prospects: Digitalisation of maintenance

With the introduction of IMPULSE connect, simatec is taking a further step towards the digitalisation of maintenance. This technology enables the digital monitoring and configuration of lubrication points via Bluetooth®, allowing even more precise maintenance and more efficient use of resources.

Here, a maintenance manager is activating the simalube IMPULSE connect so that it can be monitored at any time.

Conclusion: A new chapter for logistics

The implementation of simalube in the logistics industry is more than just an improvement in maintenance processes; it is a paradigm shift towards greater efficiency, reliability, sustainability and, ultimately, profitability. Companies that rely on this innovative technology position themselves at the forefront of progress and secure decisive advantages in the highly competitive logistics market.

Shape your future with simalube.

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