Determine bearing and gear wear earlier with portable vibration analyser CSI 2140



Emerson-CSI is the unchallenged leader and pioneer of vibration analysis since 1984, and has a worldwide leading position. Emerson-CSI position is justified by the constant investment in Research & Development for more than 20 year, and consolidated by hundreds of US and world patents. Some of CSI patented technologies will be exposed hereafter.

In case of doubt in the comparison process with competitors, feel free to contact us: there is probably NO technology provided by competition that Emerson-CSI is not able to offer to you.

General Information

The CSI 2140 is the next generation in a family of industry-leading vibration analyzers and data collectors from Emerson. As with previous models, the CSI 2140 provide:
– Route vibration collection
– Advanced vibration analysis
– Cross-channel analysis
– Transient analysis
– Dynamic balancing
– Motor monitoring
– ODS modal analysis

Technically, the CSI 2140 data analyzer offers you:

Frequency range : DC to 10 Hz minimum, DC to 80 kHz maximum
Resolution lines : 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, or 12800 lines of resolution. True Zoom provides effective resolution of up to 300,000 lines.
Unlimited memory :
o Internal memory of 1Go.
o External memory : Unlimited SD card

True 4-channel device

While the CSI 2140 is available in 1- and 2-channel options, it is the 4-channel option that delivers the most advantages to a predictive maintenance program.
The CSI 2140 is already 30% faster than the CSI 2130 (the fastest data collector in the industry to date) when collecting a measurement point.

DataCollectiontisWith 4-channel capabilities, speed through the data collection route is increased even more.
The CSI 2140 data analyzer is a true 4-Channel data analyzer, it has 4 independent channels with 4 independent acquisition cards which allow it to provide four-channels of simultaneous data collection plus phase!


The CSI 2140 could be used with a large range of sensors :
– Single axis accelerometer with integrated electronics
– Single axis accelerometer without integrated electronics by using amplifier
– Tri-Axial accelerometer
– Velocimeter
– Displacement probes

From an acceleration measurement made with the CSI 2140 it is possible to make an integration to obtain the velocity signal. If needed you could make a second integration to have the displacement signal.

Bright and large TFT display

The CSI 2140 has a new large color TFT (151*151mm ) screen with LED backlight and a resolution of 640×480 pixels with touchscreen XY resistive. So you may use the screen with your gloves without any problem.

Furthermore, the screen is incredibly bright and has a sensor which auto adjusts screen brightness for optimum viewing in various environments.


Figure 5 : CSI 2140 real size display

Color and screen size may seems details on datasheet BUT it allows the CSI 2140 to embed great on site expertise capabilities for direct detection of dangerous problems during collection AND eventual collect of more data.

Industrial ratings

Designed for use in industrial environments, the CSI 2140 has received an IP 65 rating certifying that it is dust- and splash water-tight.

It also complies with international safety standards for FM and CSA Class 1 Division 2 Groups (A,B,C,D) and ATEX and IECeX Zone 2 hazardous areas in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

PeakVueTM Technology

Detecting imbalance or misalignment is simple with most data collectors, but these issues are the least impacting for your plant. Over 50% of mechanical faults are due to bearing and gearbox issues. And most data collectors do not have the technology to detect these faults in very early stages (up to 6 months before failure) – and can only find them when the machinery is already damaged and near failure.

The CSI 2140 uses Emerson’s patented PeakVue™signal processing and applies digital technology to determine bearing and gear wear earlier than any other technology. By measuring stress waves emitted from impacting – the earliest sign of bearing and gear wear – the CSI 2140 gives you time to plan for maintenance on your machine – while avoiding significant, and costly, damage.


PeakVue technology not only offers the earliest warning of developing faults, it also provides an indication of severity. Measurements can be translated into reliable trends to determine the optimal timing for maintenance. Machinery faults are clearly visible in the waveform, opening up new options for fault detection and diagnosis.

Stay tuned

The CSI 2140 has a wireless communications system so you can use the WiFi to send your vibration datas from the field to the analyst back at the office or in a remote location. Then the collection and the analysis could be performed in parallel

Furthermore, with the Bluetooth antenna, you may connect your earphones without any cable. It removes cumbersome and potentially hazardous cables.



Easy to Use

With the CSI 2140 even the most complex datas which are coming from vibration measurement are displayed with simple graphics easy to understand. With this support you will be able to give an immediate diasgnostic about the health of your machine.

EasyToUseIn-field analysis tools

When your reliability goals require more advanced care of your equipment and the diagnosis of complex machine faults than standard route spectrum and waveform data can provide, you need a vibration analyzer with advanced analysis tools. The CSI 2140 delivers advanced in-field analysis tools, including :

Waveform autocorrelation for distinguishing between periodic impacting from bearings and gears versus random impacting associated with lubrication issues.

Fault frequency overlays to match and identify the specific source of energy peaks in the vibration spectrum

Trending of up to 12 narrow band parameters for as long as two years, allowing you to see where on the trend your immediate measurement acquisition appears as compared to previous data

Fourteen predefined analysis experts (such as coast down, bump tests, time synchronous averaging, order tracking, MCSA, high resolution, high frequency, etc.) for troubleshooting difficult machine problems

View up to 8 plots for comparisons of multiple measurements

In-Field analysis tools

SST (Slow Speed Technology) is also a patented Emerson/CSI signal processing technology. It allows detection of fault on slow machinery (from 10 to 300 rpm) by reducing ground floor noise due to classical FFT signal processing.

Synchronous averaging allows you to detect faults on very complicated gearboxes by deleting all the non-synchronous energy.

Order tracking averaging allows you to monitor variable speed machine by continuously synchronizing machine speed and vibration.

Embedded Expertise : Emerson-CSI 2140 has direct keys to start pre-configured expertise measurement like bump test, bump test machine running, run up & coast down, broken rotor bars detection…

In-Field analysis tools02

Just below you can find all the parameter that you can change with the analyze mode:

Analysis Capabilities:

PeakVue : You can modify all the parameters of the PeakVue as type of average, number of average, filter, …

SST : With this low-frequency system, you can measure some really slow machine and if needed, you can configure it on site.

Dynamic Analysis : Overall, Spectra, Waveform, 12 analysis parameters, 1/3 Octave, Aweighting,Phase, Bode/Nyquist

Frequency Range : You can chose 740 ranges from DC-10 Hz to DC-80 kHz on the 2130 analyzer.

Resolution: You can change the resolution: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6,400, 12,800 lines. True Zoom provides effective resolution of up to 300,000 lines.

Averaging : Normal, Exponential, Peak Hold, Order Tracking, Synchronous Time, and Negative Averaging

Number of Averages: 5,000 in route mode, 10,000 in Job mode, unlimited in Manual mode.

Integration : None, Single, Double (Analog or Digital)

Anti-Aliasing : Filters attenuate all alias components to below noise floor.

Amplitude Units : Metric or English, acceleration, velocity, displacement, or user programmable

Windows : Hanning or Uniform

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